*gets shot*
*gets shot*
Gets shot
Cop that just go-*gets shot*
Site it originated from Unknown
Status Alive
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I think Ridley is a good ide- *Gets shot*

—Someone who wanted Ridley playable

The *gets shot* meme spawned sometime in July 2014. It was created by the user, This Guy, when he posted "I think Lucina looks fun to play a- *gets shot*", and then "I actually Yeah posts I lik- *gets shot*". After that, a few people started making more *gets shot* posts, until nearly everyone was using it.

It's used when someone states an unpopular opinion or opinion which would most likely get criticized by others. Then near the end of the opinion, the sentence is interrupted with "*gets shot*", ending the post.

This meme became so popular that it came to a point where almost every post on the Super Smash Bros. Series Community consisted of that meme. The meme died down the day after. Despite the meme dying, there are still some occasional *gets shot* posts on Miiverse. This meme is often used in the New Super Luigi U Community and other off-topic communities, and as common lingo for Miiverser users in general.


  • "I really don't think Kanto was the best Pokemon regi- *gets shot*".
  • "My waifu is Sailor Moo- *gets shot*"
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