Off Topic is my name, and being off topic is my game!

NNID AndrewAndyDrew
Age Unknown
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Community Wii Fit U Community

YouTube Community

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System(s) owned Wii U SO Wiiu

3DS SO N3ds

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-OffTopic- has recently received a console ban warning, and has been permanently banned. Because he does not have the money to buy a new console, he has been defeated. He now needs to watch what he posts. Please refer to him as "Wyatt" from now on. :c

Wyatt is getting the New 3DS, and he is bringing -OffTopic- back on that console.

"Off Topic's my name, and being off topic is my game!"

Off Topic (NNID: AndrewAndyDrew) is a relatively new Miiverse user that, as his name states, is off-topic on all the Miiverse communities he posts on. He has 300+ followers. He will follow anyone who yeahs or comments on any of his posts, or follows him first. He can be mostly found on the Super Smash Bros. Community The Legend of Zelda Community Wii Fit U Community, however he lurks and posts on other communities as well such as the YouTube Community. He can draw pixel art sometimes.

Memeverse: The Movie

-OffTopic- has a dream. To create an animated movie about Memeverse and all of its glory. He plans on making it in Adobe Flash Professional CS6. He hopes to make around three movies, each movie lasting a good 5-10 minutes. He has already stated that "Bard, Bigley, Shrek, Hatty, Mr. Right, Alyssa, Nahtatroll, and Wieczorek are automatically in." If you are interested in being in the movie(s), contact -OffTopic-, preferably through Miiverse. He still needs a good grasp on Flash, so don't expect the movie anytime soon. The trailer for Memeverse: The Movie can be found here:


  • He is the first of the Follow Warriors. His main weapon of choice is the mighty Mace of Following.
  • He likes to post stuff about eating unnatural items.
  • He fails at making Miiverse memes. Still trying.
  • He posts random and often funny stories.
  • He is actually a very talented artist and wants to go into Computer Graphic Design in the future.
  • He once posted a hand-drawn QR Code that when scanned, it only provides a word document simply stating "I'm Off Topic!" (Seen below).
  • His beard is amazing.
  • His new laptop is cool.
  • Has a pet rock named Marshmallow.
  • Has a baby named Octopus.



Original made by Shaun (NNID: SuperMarioNESN64) Original Wario post here.

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