Miiverse Peace

On Sunday January 4th, 2015, The Corrupted Rebels and SDA made an agreement that officially ended any and all conflict between the Smashers and the Zeldians/Hylians, resulting in a true peace. The major conflict between the members of both communities is OVER. This means that there will certainly be less false reporting between the two groups. However, there will always be tension between them, as well. The conflict initially began when the when the Smashers lost the Super Smash Bros. Series Community and were in search of a new home. They decided to move to The Legend of Zelda Community, which stirred up a dilemma because of the off-topic aspect they brought to an on-topic environment. These events affected Miiverse drastically, creating scars and tensions that would never fully heal.

Then we can agree on something. Yes, I've realized I'm wrong in many things, but not in the fact that you all invaded our community. I don't regret fighting for it either, yet I regret my choice of battle...

—Cold Midna


Cold Midna, still attacking the Smashers from the shadows, was orchestrating her team in a private chatroom on one of her secret accounts. The Hylian participants of the chat were Midna, Heatwave, Demon, Deku Boy, and Shad0w- all members of the infamous Corrupted Rebels.Their schemes were suddenly interrupted, however, by Dr. James, who at the time was a devoted Smasher and off-topic poster. Somehow James had located their hidden chat and alerted the rest of the Smashers. As expected, many of them began commenting provocative things in the chat. Fortunately nobody was banned, as Midna was away from Miiverse at the time. When she returned, she was angry with James for making her post public.The two argued for awhile, peacefully discussing why they were mad at each other in the first place. While distracting Midna, James messaged Mr. Left and explained the situation, as he was the most popular Smasher at the time. Surprisingly, James and Midna actually reached an understanding and made some degree of peace before Mr. left arrived to seal the deal:

So many of my friends....banned, because of your group. Some of them even got console bans, and I never heard from them again. Others I knew now hate Miiverse, and refuse to come back. But even though all of this has happened, I can't bring myself to dislike you. All I can do is say I'm sorry.

—Mr. Left

At this, everyone realized how wrong and terrible they were in the past. They all wanted peace, and so the war between Hylians and Smashers came to an official end. They swapped apologies for their past acts and promised to move forward. Before deleting her post, Midna said she would gladly help James's SDA in the future if necessary, and lots of incredible clan stuff proceeded to take place elsewhere.


The Great Hylian/Smasher War ended that night, but conflicts still arose from time to time. Not every Smasher clan leader was ready to accept the sudden peace, and some even disregarded it all. Count Dooku, Nostalgic, and Raiden were among these reckless folk. Sometimes trolls and separatist Smashers would spam The Legend of Zelda Series Community to cause turmoil, but they were usually banned by Midna and her new allies before too long.


Peace reigned. (With a price)

Dr. James was met with some hostility from a few Smashers. They claimed he was a traitor to his community and was dumb for believing Cold Midna. The SDA was forced to leave Dooku's Confederacy of FreeMiiverse due to the backlash from James' fellow clan leaders. James lost a lot of Smasher friends due to befriending Cold Midna, and so he found new ones in the Hylians.

The end of the major conflict lead to a mass alliance between the SDA, the DoZ, the RoS, TCR, and LoMM. This was the first time in Miiverse history that an alliance consisting of Smashers, YouTubers, and Hylians actually existed. It was a secret for a very long time, and worked to ban anyone who tried causing problems (Nostalgic) between the major communities. This would later cause the false reporter Thanos to step forward and start an even worse struggle.


  • Cold Midna still holds her beliefs close to her heart, and continues to patrol The Legend of Zelda Community to this day, protecting the Zeldians/Hylians.
  • The Corrupted rebels continued to be very active until long afterwards.
  • Many Smashers were still resentful towards her, and some of that resentfulness was aimed at Dr. James
  • The mysterious 11 Ball never believed that Midna was sorry for the conflict, and warned the Smashers to be weary of her.
  • It is advised NOT to make any harsh comments on that post, doing so could result in an unwanted ban by her group.
  • Tensions between the Hylians and the Smashers always existed from then on. Although the two sides were at peace, they would never truly be allies until years later, at the end of Miiverse.