Akaito new
Akaito's current Mii.
NNID ShinemanTaikanDH
Age 17
Joined April 2014
Community NSLU Community
Wii Sports Club Community
Mirai DX Community
Followers 500+ on Shineman3
System(s) owned SO N3ds

SO Wiiu

Birthday August 4, 1999

ShinemanP9 (deleted) Shineman-egg (banned) shinemannahtnuke (inactive) Shinemantrash (inactive) ShinemanTofuShop (Current, uses a different Mii) Shineman_AkagiDH (Current, uses a different Mii) Shineman_Da_NNID (Current, uses a different Mii) ShinemanFujiwara (Current, uses a different Mii)

Akaito is a semi-popular Miiverse user, Vocaloid fanboy, and former Smasher. He is a 3DS user.

Akaito's 3DS Friend Code: 4854-6706-7156


Because of how he was once a Smasher, Akaito posted off-topic most of the time (and still does). Also, expect Akaito to be on pretty much ANY Vocaloid-related post on the Wii Fit U Community (providing he's on Miiverse that is).


Akaito has a LOT of alts.

  • Shineman3 - Permabanned
  • ShinemanP9 - Deleted by P9
  • Shineman-egg - Banned
  • Shinemannahtnuke - Inactive
  • Shinemantrash - Inactive
  • ShinemanTaikanDH - Active
  • ShinemanTofuShop - Active
  • Shineman_Da_NNID - Active
  • Shineman_AkagiDH - Active
  • ShinemanFujiwara - Active
  • ShinemanXNoel - Active
  • Shineman_Failure - Active
  • ShinemanMoarMiis - Active


  • "I'll be Nep-Nep, Destroyer of Fourth Walls."
Slam Fukkireta - Quad City DJs vs

Slam Fukkireta - Quad City DJs vs. Lamaze-P

Akaito's Theme Song (OLD)


  • Vocaloid, trance, eurobeat, vaporwave, DnB, and metal
  • Celldweller
  • Japanese sports cars
  • When YTC and WFU wouldn't shitpost about each other
  • His many waifus, especially IA
  • Nintendo
  • Namco
  • Initial D
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia
  • TF2
  • Shimejis (Desktop friends. Think Bonzi Buddy except shimejis aren't spyware.)
  • Most of the well known Vocaloid FCs
  • A good RP (too bad those are hard to find on Miiverse any more)
  • Spaghetti
  • Lasaga
  • Itasha (anime-esque characters on cars)
  • ROBLOX (except for the ODers, scammers, and trade beggars)
  • Noel


  • Koreaboos
  • Honda Civics (except the Type R versions)
  • Western Pop, K-Pop, modern rap, and nightcore music
  • People from WFU/YTC who still think it's funny to troll YTC/WFU
  • Anybody that tries to start a "Miiverse war"
  • GM's newer cars
  • Kaito's voice
  • Miku's English VB
  • "Crypton Purists"
  • Incest ships
  • DJR
  • Sonic (especially the fanbase)
  • Poorly made UTAUs
  • Anybody that can't RP (basically the majority of RPers on Miiverse)
  • Vocaloid r34 (he REALLY hates this)
  • Bandwagoners/tryhards
  • ROBLOX's scammers, trade beggars, and ODers.
  • Nintendo Land Community's posts
  • Most of the Mario Party 10 Community's posts
  • The SSB "Support" Communities
  • Miiverse dating
  • Salt jokes


LukaBot was a Mii created by Akaito to join the Bot Army. She pretty much acts exactly the same as Akaito though (but with more tuna), so one could say she's nothing more than a palette swap. After the first Bot Invasion, Akaito kept using this Mii for a while, then switched back to his regular Mii, and then went back to LukaBot again after getting enough yeahs.

(GET IT?!)


RIP in puffer fish 2015-2015 u were a gud bot

Unfortunately, she was killed by admins since she was on Akaito's now permabanned Shineman3 account when it got permabanned. A funeral was held for her on April 25, 2015. The Mii is "killed off" for good and Akaito will never use this Mii again on any future accounts.

2jp0gwsvxkhzf normal face-0

One of Akaito's more obscure Miis. His name is Dai.


  • He started as a YTC user that did close to nothing but posted links to YTPMVs he liked.
  • He encountered Adriel countless times and survived (but he still lost a part of his sanity).
  • Adriel followed him for some inexplicable reason, much to Akaito's dismay.
  • Despite being a Vocaloid fanboy, his favorite song is All-Storm by Smashrude.
  • He requested Darude for SSB4. His newcomer message: "Darude Whips up a Sandstorm!
  • He demands that Sega makes Shenmue HD or he will start a riot.
  • He is currently building built a Toyota AE86 to match Eggurai's Nissan Skyline GT-R. He swapped out the AE86 for a Honda NSX Type R. Honda NSX Type R tho. Akaito failed once again, not only totalling the 86, but his NSX was stolen. His next car is most likely either a Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 or a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III a Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A.
  • His cars are will soon become semi-irrelevant since Akaito is planning on getting a shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) and will multi-track drift with it. (UPDATE: He failed at it. HARD.)
  • YEE
  • Don't tell Akaito that you listen to Crypton Vocaloids only, or he'll never let you hear the end of it.
  • Akaito sometimes gives out yeahs to everyone in the Hatsune Miku Project Mirai community, although, not as often anymore
  • He actually has allies in YTC. Somewhat downplayed since a handful of them are technically from the Art Academy Communities.
  • Akaito's current Mii lacks his "headset" and red shades.
  • He eats his popcorn with blood all over it.
  • Akaito is asexual but biromantic.
  • Again, despite his asexuality, he has a waifu (Momo Momone). This can be pretty confusing to some.
  • He has Asperger's syndrome, and thinks that mental disabilities are nothing to joke about.
  • Almost started a meme and is happy that it never caught on.
  • Once took over the WRC Official Game of the FIA World Rally Championship Community for about 3 days, but then left after he got bored.
  • Drank 10 gallons of bleach in an attempt to be drawn on Bikini Day. HE ultimately failed, but at least he's somewhat bulletproof. (When we mean somewhat, we mean NOT AT ALL.)
  • Is an android. Well, a cross of an android and a potato, so a potatodroid.
  • Akaito thinks that the amount of followers one has means nothing.
  • Wants to become some sort of ambassador between the YTC and WFU Community.
  • Blames his poor judgement of bandwagoners from the past for being the reason why Digit threatened to report bomb them on May 19th, 2015.
  • Stated that SEGA of Europe once called Europeans and North Americans filthy casuals.
  • Is "peppery".
  • Has a neutral stance on MLP, particularily due to the fact that he actually has friends that are bronies on ROBLOX.
  • He is on the BadMiiversePosts Google+ Community.
  • On Wikia, his username is ShinemanSpaghetti.
  • He had an imposter called Shineman4, but he is for the most part inactive.


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