Captain Falcon
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CaptFalcon (NNID: CaptFalconIsDead) is one of the very few rational Miiverse users. He likes Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Super Smash Bros., F-ZERO, sports, and mostly anything created by Nintendo. He is also a Xenoblade fan.

CaptFalcon started using Miiverse in late December 2013/early January 2014. He was fairly popular, with over 650 followers. He has an opinion on almost everything. Whenever CaptFalcon enters/creates an argument, he uses facts to back up his arguments, unlike most users. He is known for his smart and witty remarks, whether they're on posts or comments, and his drawing talent. He is quick to defend Nintendo against trolls, as he is unashamed of his status as a "Nintendo fanboy". He loves Nintendo. hates the Xbox, and slightly likes PlayStation. On July 11th, 2014, CaptFalcon was unjustly banned. He was not given a reason, as no post or comment of his was deleted. He made his triumphant return on July 25th, 2014. Some of his best friends on Miiverse include Jazz, Samir, Brian, John!/Cpt. Falcon, and Alec. His alternate account that he used during his unjust ban is BlackShadow55.

On February 15th, 2015, CaptFalcon was permabanned. During that week, he had gotten two trolls who were constantly using profanity banned, but made posts requesting help. The posts where he requested help were apparently reported as they got deleted. That day, there were many more false reporters lurking around, and he fell victim. He got 15 notifications from the administration in less than 24 hours, a problem that CaptFalcon couldn't overcome. He also received a Console Ban warning, although there were only two other accounts on the system, excluding his main account, and only one of which received only one ban, which was a temporary ban. His new NNID is currently CaptFalconIsDead.


CaptFalcon's favorite post.


CaptFalcon has created a group called "NintendoDefenders [sic]", who defended Nintendo and the Wii U from trolls. Jazz was part of this group. The group, unfortunately, was a failure.


  • He is the "Sheriff of Miiverse", and his deputy is AFRLucario (NNID: AfricanLucario2). They report trolls and keep Miiverse safe.
  • In July of 2015, CaptFalcon was at a friends' house playing Splatoon. He and his friend looked on the friend list, and CaptFalcon was horrified to see that someone was accessing Miiverse on his account. Upon returing to his house, his parents asked to see his new account. They never saw any of his posts, just admin notifs. They were enraged(why, I have no idea), saying that they "were very disappointed" and that he "wasn't showing good judgment" and that he should be ashamed of himself. They then dropped the nuke: CaptFalcon was no longer allowed to use Miiverse. He said goodbye, and the account CaptFalconIsDead has not been used since. He now used the account BeVewyQwiet, which is unlinked from his console, to occasionally post and contact friends.
  • He plans to acquire a new 3DSXL in the next 2 years and make a grand comeback.

Captain's new favorite post; his beloved Camilla