Clans, otherwise known as armies or gangs, were groups of users who performed various activities on Miiverse. While some clans were peace-loving and neutral, there were many clans that strove for power throughout Miiverse. When the Great Smash/Zelda War began in the Fall of 2014, many clans were formed in order to wage "War" in the fight between the Smashers and Hylians. After the war came to a rather heart-warming end in the late December of 2014, many war clans started to disband and become inactive. Since then, Miiverse consisted of numerous other clans and struggles, most of which never became too prominent.


Fighting clans often conquered communities to gain strongholds or secret bases. Communities such as the Kirby's Dreamland Community, Pokemon X & Y Community, Kid Icarus: Uprising Community, and the Steel-Divers: Sub Wars Community have been occupied by several famous/infamous fighting clans in the past. Lastly, the Wii Sports Club Community was the focus of most clan activity.

There have been countless skirmishes between fighting clans since the beginning, and even as it neared it’s demise Miiverse was occasionally barraged by hostile clans. These clans use the notorious Miiverse Administration to their advantage by abusing the "Report Violation" option. A common strategy is making several posts with the intention of provoking aggressive responses which are technically legitimately reportable.

Neutral clans are ones that consisted of gamers, roleplayers, and Youtubers. These clans (Or Clubs) were simply meant for users to come together and have fun in. They often engaged in online Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS, Mario Kart 8, and roleplaying games. They took no interest in "Miiverse wars" and were often private and hard to find. Sometimes neutral clans asked trustworthy fighting clans for protection against trolls.

Notable Miiverse Clans

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The Miiverse Redesign had a major effect on clans. Many clans died as a result of the 30 post limit and the 100 comment limit, which caused new bases to be made more often. Very few people were willing to join any sort of clan due to not wanting to waste posts, making clans significantly less prevalent in Miiverse‘s later years.


  • The grand Alliance of Miiverse was at one time the most powerful alliance in Miiverse history. The alliance consisted of Smasher, Hylian, and even Youtuber fighting clans. They remained a secret for many months until a user named Thanos forced them to make themselves public. The alliance eventually fell apart due to many traitors and untrustworthy users. Most known member clans include the RoS, the DoZ and the SDA.
  • Many clans did not last longer than a few weeks. Though the very top clans lasted months, or years.
  • In the early days of 2016, there was a great influx of fighting clans. These clans, however, slowly began dwindling in numbers as the year progressed.
  • Many clans on Miiverse tended to take themselves too seriously, which gives all others a bad name in general.
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