The Confederation of FreeMiiverse Vs Requim of Spirits War was a Clan War that offically started on January 9th, 2015. The war involved Count Dooku, IvoEggman, Metal Sonic, Nostalgic, and Skelter. The war can be traced back into December when Count Dooku, Bellatrix, and Nostalgic found out about the RoS, who attempted to false report and ban people who were off topic. Since then, Dooku had informed the Smashers in the Wii Fit U Community about the RoS' plans. The RoS hadn’t commenced any action againist the Smashers, however, one RoS member started to talk poorly about Count Dooku. Dooku, along with the CoF decided to take action in a Medium Class War againist the RoS. Eventually, the Requiem of Spirits lied to Dooku, telling him that they're no longer going to talk crap about him, however, Dooku went to there base, and found out one of the RoS's members, Angie, went to the CoF's headquarters and started a flame war.

Angie fought and lost the flame war againist the CoF. Eventually, Nostalgic got involved, being neutral. IvoEggman later on also assisted Dooku, along with a Eggverse Empire member named MetalSonic, one trustworthy Eggverse Empire/CoF member. Dooku, eventually got angry of RoS's lies. He offically sponsered them to be one of Miiverse's most corrupt organizations, which many users believed was true. Though the RoS was still considered good by most Hylians. 

Notable People

  • Count Dooku
  • IvoEggman
  • MetalSonic
  • Nostalgic
  • Skelter
  • Angie
  • Carsten


The Confederation of FreeMiiverse was one of the primary groups involved within the clan war. Commanded by the Leader Count Dooku, the CoF originally consisted of 9 branches-Eggmanland, Eggverse Empire, Miiverse Army, United Miis, SDA, Defenders of Zelda, Hero Hunters, and Neo Team Nighstar.

However, the SDA, and Defenders of Zelda eventually seceded from the CoF. Along with that, the Hero Hunters unfortanely disbanded, and were defeated. The Miiverse Army was destroyed after Eggurai was banned. The UM, Eggmanland, and Eggverse Empire were some of the most active groups. Neo Team Nightstar, a former Zelda group that usually worked more independently, but were completely againist false reporters and usually stoped them.


The Requiem of Spirits was a former branch of the People of Hyrule. The group intially planned to ban Nostalgic, until the CoF found out about it, and informed Nostalgic. The RoS was rumored to have 45-50 members, and they were exprienced at reporting and debates. Nostalgic disliked this group severly, and sided with the CoF during this war.

The RoS was the most aggresive Zelda group to date, along with that, was the most successful.

Unlike the CoF, the RoS was not a Confederation. However, it was allied with the former CoF branch the Defenders of Zelda.

War Factions




Treaty of Tennis

The treaty of tennis was a treaty created by RichardCar/IvoEggman to end the clan war once and for all. The treaty was actually successful, and ended the war. It is unknown now what date the war officially ended.


Nobody knows whether the CoF or RoS were still active nearing the closure of Miiverse, as Dooku had been banned, and the Smashers never reinvaded the Zelda community. 

Eggmandland, and Eggverse Empire were still active. The LoMM was also active after the war.