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NNID Davish1
Age 16
Joined 7/29/2013
Community Percy's Predicament, Art Academy Community, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS Community
Followers 2632
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday April 19th


DAVIS 00 is an artist on Miiverse. He is a 3DS and Wii U user and he has over 2600 followers. He is known for his drawings of characters from cartoons and games.

A Typical Miiverse Relationship 4 - Try Not To Cringe

A Typical Miiverse Relationship 4 - Try Not To Cringe

The video he was featured in.


Davis started using Miiverse on 7/29/2013. He mainly posted in the New Super Mario Bros. U Community. Later he started drawing pictures of characters from different shows, most on Cartoon Network. He also drew pictures of characters featured in Eddsworld. This, and being featured in one of Giga Gamby's videos made Davis grow in popularity. Today, he mainly posts on the YouTube, New Super Luigi U, and Art Academy: Sketchpad communities, where he draws YouTubers featured in JAR Media from time to time, along with cartoon characters and game characters.


  • Davish1 - Main account. Currently in use.
  • THENEWDAVIS00 - Alternate/backup account.
  • Davish1again - Account made for temporary bans.


  • He's slightly annoyed with all the attention gained from A Typical Miiverse Relationship 4, as almost everyday someone comments letting him know that he was in the video.
  • He's only been banned twice.
  • He barely expresses emotion, as he's usually rather laid back.
  • He's more of a console gamer than a handheld or PC gamer.
  • In early 2014, Davis actually had a Mii based on what he actually looked like and not his signature grin. He also had orange sun glasses on his Mii, but has no memory of it.
  • He used to host Mario Kart 8 rooms every night called MK8 Funtime. He quit doing it after low turnouts, and brought it back when the DLC came out. However, he discontinued it again for the same reason.
  • One of his posts, featuring Shulk and a bunch of Joker Mii's captioned 'Look at all those Jokers!', was retweeted by Chuggaaconroy, making it go viral in the Nintendo community.
  • Despite having an argument with Jackson on A Typical Miiverse Relationship 4, he's in good terms with him.
  • He wishes he was Canadian.


  • "if that gets you upset than you should just shut up" (found that funnier than I should have)
  • "Penny is a gift to this world"
  • "oh my"
  • "one piece is not good"