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Community Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U
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Daniel4297 or simply 'That Other Guy... That One There') is a Miiverse user known for his sarcastic comments and beautiful hair(albeit, not as strikingly beautiful as Ganondorf's hair). He is also a member of the SmashyClub. It has been said that 4297 represents freedom and justice, but who knows? Aside from his beautiful hair, Daniel4297 has a plethora of alluring features, including his eyes, glasses and any of the other stuff on his face.


Before The Good Ol' Days

Before the good ol' days, Daniel4297 did nothing... That's it.

The Good Ol' Days

Back in the good ol' days Daniel4297 would talk about stuff, often nonsensically. He also played video games and stuff like that.

After The Good Ol' Days

When the good ol' days ceased, Daniel4297 became BFFFFFFZ with his BFFFFFFZ, Josh4297. He united the entire world and then he didn't do any other important stuff. He was asked to join the SmashyClub, because everybody loves him so much, and since Daniel isn't one to disappoint his fans, he obliged.

Team 4297

In 2014 (or so the Illuminati would have you believe), Daniel4297 created the Super Secret Team 4297 and initiated his closest friends without their consent. They don't do anything, but it's still a thing.

The New Dred Army

Daniel4297 joined RighanRed's army to fight the Dark Side of Miiverse and became a skilled reporter. He was a second in command to the New Dred Army for a long time, until it became inactive and died. Daniel was asked to join the Supreme Dred Army, but refused to in order to keep from being banned by Hylians.

SmashyClub Members
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