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NNID Meadowstreet
Age Unknown
Joined December 10, 2013
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 20
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday August 12th
Alts Meadowstar (Meadowstar), DashAttack (Meadowstar2)

Dash is a Miiverse user who joined on December 10, 2013. She is part of the Miiverse Trio, and is supposedly the most mature.

  • Old account: Meadowstar (Meadowstar)
  • New account: DashAttack (Meadowstar2) [PERMA'D]
  • Newer account: Dash (Meadowstreet)

On her permabanned account, she was a WFUer; on her new one she posts in New Super Luigi U.


Dash first appeared on the Pokemon X and Y community.  She met a user named Paws on her first ever RP and they became friends. One day Paws brought 3 friends together; they were Silverpaw, Krrrrbin, and Dash. Krrrrbin later met Dash again but they had no idea they had met before until later, she is friends with Paws, DStar, Krrrrbin, and Silverpaw.

Her frendz on Miiverse: Krrrrbin, Dstar, Paws, Jonathan, Greybolt, Cipher, Chasina, some others

She had around 250 followers on her first account...

..aaaand then she lost all of them when she had to get her new account. Then she regained about the same amount...

...and got permabanned. On her new account, she has 20 followers.

She was off Miiverse for a long time from like November '14 to January 7th or something because her 3ds broke. She started to use the Miiverse PC version after a while, so she can't draw, but at least she's alive. In fact, she wasn't just off Miiverse, but completely offline and off the radar because Skype issues. But she has a new 3ds now, so that means either the same account and new drawings, or an entirely new account. Or both, idk.

Additional Stuff

  • She doesn't play Sonic or Mario games, who knows why
  • Her humor is the most tame out of anyone in the trio
  • She is the youngest of the trio