DeCorey was just an ordinary semi-popular Miiverse user until he met Adefaiz and joined his cause. DeCorey was a faithful follower and promoted Adefaiz's vision throughout miiverse until Grey destroyed Adefaiz. Ince Adefaiz was reborn into Fezziadus, DeCorey joined the guardians of miiverse and became a Guardian. As a guardian he destroyed false reporters, trolls, and contributed to the destruction of IvoEggman, Eggverse, and the Miiverse admins. During his time, he also became great friends with Fezziadus, YoungAndy, AikoSeeno, Sage, Kirbwell, Isaac, and G Dog.


An event known as G-Day was an unfortunate event for the Guardians of Miiverse. The user Nerdtron thought that the Guardians were enemies, and had the people in the SBB community attack their base at the Golf Community. Though DeCorey and the other guardians were able to drive the enemies out and explained to Nerdtron what we do, Fezziadus lost hope in Miiverse and left.

Guardians of Miiverse Reborn

Once Fezziadus left, DeCorey and YoungAndy kept the Guardians of Miiverse alive and became the leaders. DeCorey and YoungAndy had a couple of struggles as they were leaders, but they were able to overcome them like IvoEggman and the return of Eggverse and the banning of Andy, DeCorey was able to keep up as the only leader and gained several new recruits while YoungAndy was banned. Once YoungAndy got unbanned the Guardians had four keaders which were DeCorey, YoungAndy, Kirbwell, and Isaac. The Guardians Of Miiverse were at the top of their game, and then Fezziadus returned.

The Return Of Fezziadus

When Fezziadus returned, he rejoined the guardians as a mere soldier helping out the guardians, but soon seen corruption leaking into YoungAndy, so he asked FeCorey to firm a new team.

Gale Of Darkness, Legendary Hero & Age of Banishment

The new group that was formed was called the Gale of Darknesd which were lead by Fezziadus, YoungAndy, DeCorey, Kirbwell, and Isaac. The new group still performed the same actions of the old group as the old one dusbanded and jouned the Gale Of Darkness, and the group were able to defeat their enemies as well. As time went on Isaac and Kirbwell resigned their pisition and DeCorey got banned and fezziadus, DeCorey, YoungAndy, kirbwell, and isaac were known as legendary heroes of miiverse. Peace was also throughout miiverse so Fezziadus left and would come back when the peace is disrupted again.

Days of Rest

As DeCorey was banned he used his alternate account to still do his missions until his real account gets unbanned in one week But had rested for seven days through one period. Once DeCorey came back he realized alot has happened and was seeking his friends. As of right now he is still trying to catch up to all the events he missed and has resigned his position in the Gale of Darkness. Yet it was said that he would return when the time is right and he trusts the griup he left to the younger and newer generation of heroes until he, youngandy, or Fezziadus returns.