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NNID 6_bis_16_Zeichen
Age 16
Joined August 1st, 2014
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers ~160
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown
Alts YetAnotherNNID

TooManyAccounts GhostingFire MANY others that are permanently banned

Denning, formerly and still occasionally known as Dami, is a Miiverse user and Smasher. Having used Miiverse since summer 2014, he has become somewhat (in)famous among the users of the original Super Smash Bros. Series Community, Wii Fit U Community, and the New Super Luigi U Community. This is mostly due to his young age (he was 11 before May 2015, which caused a meme in the LOZC that still goes on to this day), his controversial opinions regarding video games, and an alleged false-reporting incident in which he supposedly console banned a popular user named John. He lives in Germany, and is also known as one of the only users to supposedly come back from any form of console ban.


Denning started out posting some Star Fox 64 quotes to the Super Smash Bros. Series Community. After that community exploded, he moved to the Zelda Community like any other person did and did some usual report warfare stuff with the Hylians. He made many different accounts, but after he got console-banned on his Wii U, Denning proceeded to use his 3DS account. On this account, Ant made the legendary "dami ur 11" meme, mocking his age. After 33 admin notifications and 3 temporary bans, Denning's 3DS account was permanently banned. At the time, not many cared, according to Denning himself. Approximately 5 days later, Denning somehow got around his Wii U's console ban and was able to create a new account on it. These accounts also got banned quickly, until he eventually took a break from Miiverse.

After 3 months, on the 8th of May, Denning returned to tell Miiverse that a mercenary in his copy of Fire Emblem 7 got a 1% critical hit for 0 damage thanks to the "RNG [Random Number Generator] goddess." In total, he has 21 accounts and around 38 bans, with 2 console bans and being un-console banned once.

He lost Miiverse access sometime in September of 2016 and hasn't bothered to return since. Specifically, he was temporarily banned on his only account, but Nintendo issued a 3DS firmware update that requires him to update his system before he could go on Miiverse and unban himself, which he was not willing to do yet.


Denning has approximately 21 accounts, most of which are permabanned, and many of which he deleted for good.

Major accounts

  • TooManyAccounts - This is the 17th account that Denning created. It lasted through an entire year. After 18 admin notifications, it was finally 2 week banned on June 14th, 2015. It was forever banned from Miiverse with a surprise console ban in January 2016. It had ~350 followers at that point.
  • Denning2


    YetAnotherNNID - According to him, his 18th account overall. This account was created after TooManyAccounts got banned. He mainly posted off-topic in the Wii Fit U Community and on-topic in the EarthBound Beginnings Community, among others, on this account. He eventually changed the account name and Mii to Denning from Fire Emblem 7.
  • 6_bis_16_Zeichen - Dami's account made on his old 3DS. This account started being used after he got temporarily console banned on his Wii U on the 21st of July, 2015 for saying "omg ur such a salt". This NNID is German for "6 to 16 characters," which is how many characters an NNID can be. This is also the account where Denning 2.0 was first used.


  • "Mother is the worst Nintendo franchise"
  • "If you came here to block me, then ok"
  • "Illusory Revelations is an Awakening X Persona weeaboo dance party."
  • "Roy does not deserve to be in Smash 4 and no amount of "ROIS OUR BOI" spam will change that."
  • "Gen 6 deserves every bit of hate it gets"


  • His favourite game of all time is Star Fox 64.
  • He is a fan of the first twelve Fire Emblem games, but he dislikes Awakening and states that he feels the same about Fire Emblem Fates.
    • Despite being a Fire Emblem fan, he hates the idea of Roy in Smash 4. (But he later said he is kinda glad he got in Smash, as he thinks Fire Emblem deserves 5 reps.)
    • He is also anti-Ridley.
  • He dislikes his old Mii, and claimed that he would make a better one if not for his poor Mii Maker skills. He has a better one now.
  • Most of his accounts have no handwritten posts on them.
  • He believes that EarthBound and Pokémon Gen 6 are overrated.
  • He claims Smash 4 is not competitive because the air dodges make combos nearly impossible.
  • He has gotten a 2 week ban on his 3DS a day after he got console banned.

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