NNID Goomyguy
Age Unknown
Joined September 21st, 2013
Community New Super Luigi U, Panama Club (occasionally)
Followers 900+
System(s) owned SO N3ds SO Wiiu
Birthday 9/21
Alts ToadetteIsWaifu

Dr.ThisGuy (A.K.A. This Guy, "Goomy", or GoomyLife on LMR) is a Miiverse user, known for his slight obsession with the Pokemon Goomy. A huge fan of the Kirby and Okami series, he (somewhat jokingly) calls Toadette his "waifu". He also enjoys drawing, although he's not too confident in his ability.

Dr.ThisGuy- a brief history

Dr.ThisGuy first joined on Setember 21st, 2013, under his IRL name. At first, he didn't intend to stay on Miiverse, so he made confusing posts and bad drawings as a joke. Nobody paid much attention to this.

adorable art by Sydneh

Thus, Dr.This Guy started experimenting with several different posts, most notably drawing. He didn't get very far with most of these.

other art by Sydneh :^)

Nowadays, you can find Dr.ThisGuy posting memes and doodles, on communities of his choice, especially the NSLUC. While he doesn't use Miiverse nearly as much as before, he posts his random thoughts on his alternate account.

Gallery of old posts

Some of his favorite drawings of the past. These do not reflect his current art-style much.