Sheepy holding a bass, she appears as if she'll drop it.


Sarge's funny drawing.

"Booty had me like- *bass drops*" - One of Sheepy's many posts involving the meme.

Drop The Bass was a meme that was created on 12-29-14 by a popular user named Sheepy. It involves a user creating a sentence performing an action and ending with the bass being dropped. Every single Smasher at the Wii Fit U Community could not help but join in this sporadic meme.


This was Sheepy's 5th popular meme ever created. She is on a roll when it comes to getting the entire community involved. This has instantly accelerated the activity, especially considering the time being. This has also allowed many users to have the opportunity to make "fish" jokes, and that they did.


An abused bass, possibly from being dropped too many times.


  • "I'll be forever known as the boy who... ripped his pants. *bass drops*"
  • "OH BOB SAGET! *bass drops*"
  • "Are you ignoring him? That's mean. *bass drop*"
  • "Aye gurl come here i wanna tap dat *drops bass*"
  • "I'll be making the Drop The Bass Page on LMR. So don't you even think - *Bass Drops*"
  • "*Basculin drops*"


  • The meme was extinguished after people calling it out for being dull.
  • Fish jokes were thrown into the fray.
  • Sheepy came up with the idea when listening to an awesome song.
  • The "PETA" sub-meme was born shortly afterwards.
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