Eggman Empire
Eggverse was a group created on June 9th, 2014. This was a group created by VGCinema (as Eggman) created for the sole purpose of reviving dead communities and bringing them back to life as an Off-Topic Community so the Smash Brothers fans could have a nice place to chat, without having to worry about memes and trolls. Eggverse was governed by four members. Dr. Eggman being the leader, Whaler being the second in command, Noodle being the third in command, and Dr. Fakey being a last resort if everyone else had been banned. Eggverse officially disbanded on September 9th, 2014. 

The History

Dr. Eggman joined Miiverse on June 1st, 2014. Leaving cryptic message that the Age of Eggman was upon them. Shortly thereafter, people became intrigued and thought that he was actually a promotion sent from SEGA to buy Sonic Boom. Others knew differently, and saw that Eggman was going to do great things on Miiverse, so they wanted to join him. Two of these people were, Shade and Whaler. Shade asked Eggman if he could join his endeavors, and Eggman agreed and shouted, "I shall destroy Miiverse, and create Eggverse! OHOHOHOHO!!!" And thus, Eggverse was born. 

Eggverse then surged in popularity. Popular people like, SolMerse and Shade Wolf started joining Eggverse, and people like Nostalgic started paying attention too. Soon thereafter, Dr. Eggman decided that he was ready to start taking over, he decided that Eggverse should take over the Tennis Community, and succeeded. People started posting there, as if it was never dead. But, someone became jealous of the popularity. Because Shade then betrayed Eggverse. He attacked and successfully banned Dr. Eggman.  

Noodle, Whaler, and Dr. Fakey, not knowing what to do, another Eggman decided to fool them into joining his Eggverse. This Eggman is known as Negman. Dr. Eggman saw that this was happening and decided that his only choice was to make a second account. Dr. Eggman was able to talk most of his members back into his group, but some still believed that Negman was the original Eggman. 

After that, Eggverse went into small wars with many different clans, and we accused to be a simple copy of the SP Clan. These wars and accusations made many people leave Eggverse, and nobody could really blame them. The core team stayed intact, but not for very long. 

On June 25th, Dr. Eggman finds out that there is another Eggman in the midsts, IvoEggman and he is creating his own Eggverse. In hopes that Dr. Eggman wouldn't get in another war, he decides to leave him alone. But, IvoEggman decides to get into contact soon after. After, Dr.Eggman decides to spy on IvoEggman, and finds out that one of Eggverse's most notable members is now part of Ivo's Eggverse. This leads Dr. Eggman to go berserk, and orders everyone in Eggverse to attack IvoEggman. A week later, Ivo leaves from Miiverse for two weeks, and all seems well in Eggverse. 

Eggverse then went through a declining state. The numbers getting smaller and smaller. Most of them ashamed of what Dr. Eggman did to Ivo. Then there were only 10 members left. Ivo then came back from his ban with a vengeance. Hitting them with everything he had, Eggman was not banned, but Whaler, Noodle, and Dr. Fakey were. Dr.Eggman then leaves IvoEggman alone for the most part, and Dr.Eggman leaves for a month, angry at what he did to his friends. This is where the legend ends.... 

The Demise

Dr. Eggman annouced in a comment that he disbanded Eggverse after his month long hiatus, reasons being that he wasn't having fun anymore, and that he didn't want to jeopardize his friend's accounts just for being associated with the name. Dr. Eggman has now moved on, but still remembers his friends and tries to talk to them as regularly as possible.

He has now ironed out the problems with IvoEggman.

The Return

On May 21st of 2015 Dr. Eggman decided to recreate Eggverse with a new intent. To help bring Miiverse back to its former glory. Eggverse is currently flourishing with members, with Eggman trying to scramble to find positions for each member.

However, on May 30th, Eggverse is disbanded yet again due to Eggman getting false reported. Dr. Eggman has since announced that he will only be hanging out on LMR, whenever VGCinema feels like using him.

List of Old Members

  1. VGCinema
  2. Dr. Fakey
  3. MetalSonic
  4. Whaler
  5. Noodle
  6. IvoEggman
  7. RichardLamborghini
  8. Masked Man
  9. Silver Totodile**
  10. NeoNik
  11. AgentGriff
  12. Isa-Chan
  13. Arin
  14. Tony
  15. ThatLemonGuy
  16. EggDanny
  17. PokeLink64
  18. Joobacca
  19. NO2GetHelp
  20. Atari6400
  21. AceChaos
  22. SomeThingTM
  23. Jon-min
  24. Quantus
  25. Scott
  26. Double O
  27. Archie
  28. ShinemanSpaghetti
  29. Inkchu
  30. Oswin
  31. Ink Carter
  32. Void
  33. Emolga
  34. Nick
  35. Oven
  36. Levi
  37. Alt.Mikey
  38. Nickkk
  39. RockBot
  40. BlackTroll
  41. LuciYES
  42. T.A.S.K.