The offical logo of the Eggimension.

The Eggverse Empire (formerly Eggimension) was a gang refounded by IvoEggman . The gang started out by reviving the Eggverse name, but was an entirely separate organization. The gang was revived on December 4th, 2014. The group is a former branch of the CoF. It disbanded on February 22nd, 2015.

First Empire

IvoEggman began using Miiverse on June 25th, 2014. He founded the Egg Dimension, a group that intially countered the Eggverse, though it was never successful, and ended in September 14th, 2014.

Second Empire (Eggverse Empire)

In December 4th, 2014, IvoEggman decided to revive his empire once more and announced in the Zelda community the Eggverse Empire. IvoEggman garnered much interest and six member joined. IvoEggman decided to take over the dormant Volleyball Community on the same day.

With more members joining, Count Dooku, IvoEggman's friend invited him to join the CoF, a confederation of Miiverse clans. IvoEggman joined the alliance during mid-December 2014. This somewhat boosted his membership, and it became the second largest group after the Freeges.

The Mighty Organization of Evil (a false reporting group) member named Dr. Ad threatened the Eggverse Empire on December 23rd, 2014. The Eggverse Empire formally launched a "clan war" though Dr. Ad never got his backup, and although he banned one Eggverse Empire member, Dr. Ad delete his posts and was shortly banned thereafter.

The COF War

During January 2015, the Eggverse Empire's parent organization the Confederation of Free Miiverse engaged into a cyber war against the Requiem of Spirits, a Hylian gang. A former branch of the COF, the SDA sided with the RoS, and went against Count Dooku. IvoEggman wanted to stay away from this conflict, however, this escalated with LoMM allied with the RoS and went into a month long war. With Dooku banned, (returning with an alt), IvoEggman wanted to escape the drama, and created the so-called Treaty of Tennis on January 18th, 2015 which ended the clan wars these clans (including himself) had.

With this, several member left the Eggverse Empire, the decline of the group became appearent.

Eggverse Empire vs. John Paul

On January 29th, 2015, a user named John Paul attempted to start a flame war against the Eggverse Empire. This appearently started on Twitter when the user expressed his distaste towards the Freege, and the Eggverse Empire, and "wanted to take them down". A few hour flame war erupted. John Paul created his own "clan" called the "John Paul Militia" though it only consisted of him. John Paul surrender the next day, and decided to make a truce on the 30th.

The Fall of the Eggverse Empire

February 2015 is seen as the downfall of the Eggverse Empire. Many members deserted the clan, and the group once at 18 members stood at 9 members. MetalSonic (second in command) continued to remain loyal. IvoEggman also began losing interest, and he also felt that he depended too much on the CoF. He got into small beef with Count Dooku, and IvoEggman refused to partake into more "operations". IvoEggman left the Confederation of FreeMiiverse in mid February 2015.

Being out of the dying confederation, IvoEggman dismissed all inactive members of the clan. Only down to four members (with IvoEggman and MetalSonic being the more notable ones), IvoEggman stopped posting in their Volleyball base.

On February 22nd, 2015, IvoEggman announced that the Eggverse Empire will be disbanded, and all operation will cease. This would be the last "Eggverse" Miiverse would have.

Former Allies

Eggverse Empire's former allies.

  • COF
  • Eggman Empire
  • Supreme Dred Army
  • NeoTeamNightstar


  • M.O.E


Former Enemies:

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