Espurr Boy
28dl0tbmtpm22 normal face
NNID GreenKirby214 (banned)
Age Unknown
Joined December 25, 2013
Community Unknown
Followers ---
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday Private
Alts GreenKirby215

Espurr Boy is an average Miiverse user, starting his first account (Green 1 now, but at the time, under "Berwyn") on December 25, 2013. 


Birth and Early Life

On the Christmas of 2013, a new user by the name of Berwyn was born into the world. Berwyn had fairly bad spelling, and oftentimes forgot to add periods at the end of sentences, and forget to capitalize the word "I". But overall, Berwyn enjoyed Miiverse.


MRA Years

When Tom announced the 3 Minute Comment Limit, Berwyn joined the protest. But around E3 2014, a kindly user by the name of Dark Samus (now Ethis) took Berwyn in under his wing, Berwyn joined the MRA (now called the UM) and fought in The Battle at E3 Against the 2 minute rule with the MRA leader, Nerdtron (now called Aaron, ID: TheGreenWonder), and Dark Samus was banned in the battle. Berwyn continued to be in the MRA, even into the days it became the MRR, and later the UM, constantly growing closer to the leader, Nerdtron, and even being promoted to Lead Spy.

Green 1

Around May, 2014 Berwyn changed his Mii's name to Green 1, and edited the Mii so it wore sunglasses (this was around the time Green 1 became Lead Spy for the MRR) Green 1's profile comment is hidden for saying what Minecraft server he uses. Green 1's demise was met when an Admin decided to randomly render his entire NNID useless (not just from Miiverse) sometime around June 2014. Oddly, his Miiverse account is still fully viewable. His NNID was (and still is) GreenKirby213. So he created a new account: Green 2 (ID: GreenKirby214). 

Green 2

This is the active account (unless it's banned, obviously). Id: GreenKirby214

Shortly after the creation of Green 2, Green 2 was cyberbullied by Tristan H. and Buddy, but soon got over it (but not without giving them some BAN SANDWICHES.). Green 2 is not good at drawing, and he is a Bigley supporter and a Shrek hater. #BigleyIsTruth #DOWNWITHSHREK #ComeAtMeFanboys

Green 3

Status: Inactive, unless Green 2 is banned

He's about the same as the others, except he won't be used when Green 2 isn't unbanned. You could call him the "backup account". 

Online Accounts

  • Miiverse: GreenKirby214, but GreenKirby215 if GreenKirby214 is banned.
  • Minecraft: Wrenchet213 (Server: Version: Whatever the latest full release is)
  • YouTube: Berwyn Kay (Doesn't make videos but might start, is a Game Theorist)
  • Wikia: GreenKirby213 (Pretty much only uses Kirby Wiki and Le Miiverse Resource)