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The Exclusive amiibo meme is a meme that started on January 9, 2015. It involves a specific amiibo figure (real or not) being exclusive to a place that is similar to the subject. The meme is based on Nintendo of America's decision to build up excitement over the popular figures, by releasing specific characters in specific places (Rosalina amiibo exclusive to Target, Meta Knight exclusive to Best Buy, etc.) These figures are intentionally made in short supply, and because of their limited release, are often impossible to find hours after launch. On Miiverse, this can also be considered a fad, since it was short lived, and like many fads on Miiverse, only lasted about a day. It can however, occasionally be joked about in amiibo fan communities on the internet. This is also a running joke in the amiibo communities in real life. 

Actual amiibo exclusives

  • Target - Rosalina, Jigglypuff (formerly), Dr. Mario
  • Best Buy - Meta Knight, Dark Pit, Falco (formerly)
  • Walmart - Gold Mario
  • ToysRUs - Greninja (formerly), Lucario (formerly), Bowser Jr., Mii Fighters, Mega Yarn Yoshi
  • GameStop/EB Games - Ness, Shulk, Duck Hunt, Mr Game & Watch, R.O.B (American NES colors).
  • - Palutena

How the Meme Works

Similar to the Inb4 meme, this meme involves filling in blanks. After "Inb4" one should type in the name of a character from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS (other characters also apply), then typing in a store that the character could relate to. 

For example, "Inb4 the Dark Pit amiibo is exclusive to Hot Topic."


  • Inb4 the Wario amiibo is exclusive to WAH-lmart.
  • Inb4 Mario amiibo is exclusive to Mars.
  • Inb4 Robin amiibo is exclusive to Red Robin.
  • Inb4 the Duck Hunt amiibo is exclusive to Pet-Smart.
  • Inb4 Zero Suit Samus amiibo is exclusive to Victoria's Secret
  • Inb4 Rosalina amiibo is exslusive to NASA Space Center gift shop.
  • Inb4 Sonic amiibo exclusive to Sonic. 
  • inb4 Dr. Mario amiibo is exclusive to CVS Pharmacy 
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