Exploring the Miiverse Cringe is a series created by Mutahar Anas, who runs the YouTube channel SomeOrdinaryGamers. The series was made on March 22, 2016 and has a total of around 4 episodes and counting.


Exploring the Miiverse Cringe revolves around a group of friends that read posts they find rather cringey or hilarious on various communities. The series is quite similar to Worst Posts on Miiverse in how they both focus on mocking Miiverse posts, except that Exploring the Miiverse Cringe is purely made with live reactions instead of edited reaction videos and music that the aforementioned Worst Posts on Miiverse series has.

Frequent targets of snark are usually Miiverse users that ask for relationships on the site, strange usernames, role-players, edgelords, posts in all capitals and poor artists on the site. Depending on how bad the post is, the reactions can range from a few snarky comments to full on laughter from the entire group, including a satirical comment on the post itself.

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  • The group of friend is made up of Mutahar, Extremelixer, Aceagon, ImaruSetsu and SmittyJeff
  • The Mii the group uses to leave satirical comments is named Chilling
  • The most frequently targeted fandoms are the Five Night's at Freddy's, Undertale and Anime fandoms.
  • Giga Gamby, the creator of Worst Posts on Miiverse, is subscribed to SomeOrdinaryGamers
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