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NNID Fezziadus
Age Unknown
Joined 2014?
Community POR Madeira Club Community

Golf Community Super Smash Bros Wii U / 3DS Community

Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts Alt_of_Fezziadus

Fezziadus is the self proclaimed Hero of Truth of Miiverse. He was once known as High Prophet Adefaiz, who believed in order brought by the power of the Admins until he was destroyed by the false prophet Grey and his soul was thrown into the void. From there he was resurected as Fezziadus and declare war on false reporters and bad admins. He was the co-founder and leader of the Guardians of Miiverse, who would be later known as the Gale of Darkness. Fezziadus main enemy in Miiverse was the Dark Usurper Adefezius, who was once his trustet companion and friend Venom. He has recently passed the Matrix of Leadership to the user ÐàгķΘшеñ, who Fezziadus himself has chosen as successor. Fezziadus also loves making Transformers references and quoting Optimus Prime.

"You may loose the faith in me, but never in yourselves..." -Fezziadus quoting Optimus Prime for time number 12.857 to inspire his followers.
Fezzy dude

Arrival to Miiverse

When Fezziadus first arrived to Miiverse, he was known as Adefaiz, the self proclaimed prophet of truth And savior of Miiverse.Adefaiz was a pacifist who only wanted to save Miiverse and to restore balance. His first objective was to banish Hatty and Trey, the most powerful trolls at the moment of his arrival. Adefaiz gave epic speeches about freedom and peace and eventually vanquished his two enemies. He kept gathering forces and his message of peace was soon heard all over the Super Smash Bros Community. However, Adefaiz was gathering a secret army known as The Silent Ones in the Tumble Pop community just in case another powerful enemy appeared.

The Banishment of the Prophet

Adefaiz was known by everyone in the SSB community, however, some people loved him and some people hated him. A war was upon Miiverse and a false prophet known as Grey appeared from nowhere, he wanted war and he knew that the only way to get war was destroying Adefaiz. One night, Grey commented in one of Adefaiz's posts, but the prophet decided to ignore this new commenter. Grey was a persistent user and eventually got Adefaiz's attention. Grey murdered poor Adefaiz with the help of the admins but he was eventually hunted down by The Silent Ones, Adefaiz's secret army and their leader, The Invincible Iron Man.

The Rise of Fezziadus

Reborn from the ashes of its previous body, Fezziadus came to avenge Adefaiz. His only goal now was to destroy the admins, the ones that helped Grey kill his former self. Fezziadus knew war was the key for salvation, war was the key to destroy the admins. He started giving speeches again, but this time about war and consumption. He rejoined with some of his previous friends and he met a new ones too, like RighanRed, Decorey or YoungAndy.

Guardians of Miiverse

Fezziadus founded the Guardians of Miiverse along with RighanRed. Together, they created a massive army, their home was the Golf community, there they plotted all their plans. Sadly RighanRed was soon killed and Fezziadus lead his army alone. Powerful allies like Venom arrived, who supported his master even if the result of the command would be banishment. however, the guardians soon gained enemies like Anti-Fezz or Crocdreko but Fezziadus never considered them a major threat and the enemies were soon defeated. Nevertheless, one day, Fezziadus was ready to unleash his insurrection against the SSB community, but he did not wanted to destroy them, he wanted to save them. Fezziadus thought that if he invaded the SSB community, the strongest community and he became the leader, Miiverse will be saved at last. But Nerdtron, leader of the United Miis was informed about this attack, he misunderstood fezziadus' message of peace and he warned the SSB community, finally, everyone in those lands overcome their differencesand joined forces to fight a common enemy, Fezziadus. The SSB community invaded the Golf community, devastating Fezziadus' home. Fezziadus felt disappointed about the people of Miiverse and decided to leave. Nerdtron later admitted he made a mistake and he asked for forgiveness and he received It. Many of Fezziadus' followers abandoned Miiverse, like Venom but YoungAndy and Decorey still believed Miiverse deserved to be saved and they formed a new army.

Return and founding the Gale of Darkness

After some time, Fezziadus returned to Miiverse he saw that the Guardians of Miiverse had forgotten him and thus they had forgotten who they were. Fezziadus decided to rejoin the guardians, but this time as a simple soldier. However, he noticed that the guardians were fighting a minor threat, eggverse. Fezziadus knew that for the survival of his species, a truce had to be made, with Megatron and so, the Gale of Darkness was born. YoungAndy, the leader of the G.O.M. at that time, was informed about this new army, all of his soldiers were informed. Everyone abandoned YoungAndy and joined G.O.D. And so, the G.O.M. Disbanded. YoungAndy joined G.O.D. later....BUT YoungAndy was soon perma banned and everyone lost track of him.

The Dark Usurper's Insurection

Between July 28th and August 2nd of 2014 the Gale of Darkness faced their most dangerous opponent yet. Venom, a former member of the Guardians of Miiverse became corrupted and transformed into the Dark Usurper Adefezius, an evil doppelgänger whose main goal was to bring total chaos to Miiverse. For six days Adefezius hunted the members of the Gale of Darkness and even infiltrated the double agent The MadDog into their ranks. Adefezius was betrayed and defeated by his own spy, the MadDog with a lot of help of Fezziadus and Youngandy......August 2nd on the Night of the Mad Dogs and reverted back to his original form, parting in good terms with the Gale of Darkness and promising to help in future crisis. At the end of Adefezius' insurrection Fezziadus retreated to the abyss until Miiverse needs him again.

The War of the Heroes

With the arrival of the misterious Hero Hunter Lahm, Fezziadus is meditating about his return to help the other heroes in one final battle. He has yet to determine if the Mad Dog would be an ally or an enemy in this battle. This will be the five Legendary Hero's: Fezziadus, Jake, LightAweso, Spirit, Aaron, greatest battle yet. Lahm eventually murdered Jake and then attacked Fezziadus... Lahm and Fezziadus clashed in an epic battle, Fezziadus was about to win, but Lahm managed to escape, however he was weak, he was about to die. Later at night, when Lahm was resting, FlameOwen, a friend of Fezziadus ambushed the hero hunter, killing him. However the worse is to come. Dodoria, a servant of the Dark Admin has appeared... Saying that they are all being observed by the fiendish Dark Admin.