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Finland is a somewhat unnoticed user on Miiverse who is mostly known for making drawings with his art commonly being an anime-esque artstyle. He is also a member of the SmashyClub and Ritsuko's Waifu. His Wikia account is GoodGuyFinland, although he is currently inactive. 


When he first joined Miiverse, Finland was a very timid and loyal person, as he generally disliked trolls and always saw himself as a servant rather than a leader, heck, his loyalty to others was what gave him his nickname "Good Guy Finland".

However, Finland broke and changed drastically resulting with him becoming a more colder and sadistic person, along with him acting much crueller to others and becoming somewhat narcissistic.

He still retains parts of his former personality, as he usually treats his close friends (Or users he finds "innocent") kindly similar how he did in the past, though he can be overprotective of them, he also still retains a quirky (yet stupid) sense of humor.

He is also a fan of making innuendos.


Finland became a Miiverse user on 11/30/2013, and he originally saw Miiverse as a simple little device for people to talk about games and etc. and didn't have too much care for it. But upon further exploration, he discovered the dark sides of Miiverse and witnessed the transformation of the Smash Bros. Community.

Finland then decided to become an artist on Miiverse after being influenced by other Miiverse users such as Domo. While he is known for mostly drawing in a anime style, he also enjoys drawing different art styles such as pixel art (With his pixel art being his most Yeahed drawings as of now) and more cartoonish styles. Though because of different region times and Finland's quiet and lazy nature, he never became too popular on Miiverse.

He is close friends with Magikarp and Vegas (A.K.A Bekah/Rebekah) and is also friends with users such as Hatty, Mr. LeftRitsuko and the rest of his SmashyClub brethren. He mostly posts on the YouTube Community (Which caused him to attract multiple pre-adolescent girls who want a boyfriend) and sometimes he posted on the late Super Smash Bros. Series Community.

Due to school and his lack of will, Finland rarely makes posts to the point of usually making only a single drawing a week. Finland then became a member of the SmashyClub on 6/14/2014, with him usually participating in events they have on Miiverse.

On 11/23/2014, he announced that he'll make a return to Miiverse after Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is released, which resulted with him to start posting screenshots and drawings rather frequently on the new Smash Bros Community. One of his posts ended up getting 450+ yeahs.

He has also still yet to be banned on Miiverse because he is 2good4them.


  • "The Monado has layers."
  • "Am I the only one who wants Ghirahim from Skyward Sword to get his own cooking game?"
  • "This better be a deep game about abandoned love childs and their purposes in life." 
  • "Now I want a Dr Mario pregnancy simulator with Mario making witty remarks about everything." 
  • "This game is the best" *Posted with a WWHD screenshot of Link trapping a fairy into a bottle*
  • "Now all what Samus needs is a Metroid babysitting simulator!"


  • He has never been banned on Miiverse and has only had trouble with the admins four times.
  • He has a habit of becoming a fan of memes before they become popular (Such as the Shrek and Expand Dong memes).
  • He lives in Australia, mate.
  • He is 6'3" and overly prideful of this fact.
  • He enjoys making bad puns.
  • Vegas came up with his nickname 'Good Guy Finland'.
  • He is a veteran of the controversial Miiverse Bros Wiki and its spiritual successor The Neo Bros Wiki.
  • He apparently once had a conversation with Nicole.
  • He is currently suffering from Artist Block.
  • Due to his username and his likeness for anime, he is commonly associated with Hetalia (Despite not really being).


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