Frungle, his current mii
NNID Herald64
Age 15 (I would say 4, but the admins don't like me to lie about my age.
Joined December 2012 (on first account)
Community Wii Fit U
Followers 1704
System(s) owned Wii U
Birthday Unknown
Alts Frango (frungledrum), Jake (DonBohn), Jake/Frungle (platinum_ocean)
Frungle (aka. Herald64) and Frango (aka. frungledrum) are somewhat popular users on Miiverse. They are the same person, but use different accounts for various reasons. They are two of the founders of the semi-popular "Space Jam" memes. In fact, Frango doesn't do a whole lot other than make Space Jam memes. This is because when he was just a lad, he was blessed with watching Space Jam for the first time. This single moment changed the course of his career forever. He also likes to end his posts with hashtags for no reason (#likethis).

From Humble Beginnings...

It was a lonely day on March 1st, 2014. An aspiring Miiverse artist named Jake (aka. DonBohn) felt like he was going to be banned. Not knowing too much on the punishment for being banned, he created an entirely different account. This account was meant to be his "troll" account. For it, he used a favorite Mii of his, named Herald, to be the main user Mii (which is why Frungle's NNID is Herald64 despite not being named Herald). However, some glitchy stuff started happening, and his Herald Mii never appeared on his Miiverse account. So, because of his inability to use Herald as his main Mii, he decided to use another favorite Mii of his, known as Frungle.

From then on, Frungle did really uninteresting things that nobody cared about. He made drawings, and tried to start a few memes that went nowhere. On May 23, he made his first ever Bikini Day drawing. This post is what officially started his rise to fame. He did some stuff on the Super Smash Bros. Community. Mostly trolling. However, his fame was cut short, as tragedy struck...

Frango, his current mii.
NNID frungledrum
Age 15
Joined June 2013
Community Wii Fit U
Followers 1500+
System(s) owned 2 (technically, I only use this account on Wii U and PC
Birthday Unknown
Alts Frungle (Herald64), Jake (DonBohn), Jake/Frungle (platinum_ocean)

Rise of Frango

On June 13, 2014, Frungle was rudely banned by the Miiverse administration for the very first time. At this point, he could not troll on his DonBohn account, as that account was also on the verge of ban. In a desperate haste, he created an alternate account. For his main user Mii, he decided to use a varient of Frungle that he had created in his spare time named Frango. From then on, it was Frango's time to shine. He began posting on the E3 2014 community, as it was the last community Frango ever posted on. His first ever drawings consisted of giving Nintendo characters strange, realistic, and sensual faces, in a similar veign to Zaily (but not as good tho). He slowly regained Frungle's followers.

History was made on June 17, 2014, when Frango made his first ever Space Jam post on the Super Smash Bros. community. After his initial Space Jam post, he made it a running gag that he would make a Space Jam reference every time a new meme would spread on the SSB community. The Space Jam trend seemed to spread to other users, as they began to make similar Space Jam references.

Another of Frango's main pass-times is to write full-scale fanfictions of random nature. His first major fanfic on Frungle's account, entitled De l'amour et aléatoire, was posted on May 24, 2014. The main plot synopsis was Woody trying to rescue Cia from Hyrule Warriors from Shrek by reawakening three magical sages. It was a hit with the crowd. He had a second one in the works, but it was eventually canned. As Frango hit 100 posts, he wrote the third main fanfic of his, entitled La légende du Slam. The synopsis was similar to that of his first, starring Michael Jordan on his quest to defeat the mysterious space-faring Diggledang Kraken and it's spawn by rescuing the sages from the first fanfic. Since then, Frango has coined the term "Diggledangopus". Diggledangopus is used as a derogatory term, despite it's ambiguous definition. Most theorize that the term is derivative of the name of the main antagonist of his third main fanfic. As of now, Frango has a total of 1900+ followers.

Frungle/Frango Nowadays...

On August 5, 2014, Frango was kidnapped by the Miiverse administration under the orders of the now infamous report-bomber FE25. Since most other Slammers have been taken by the admins by now, Frungle takes Frango's place as the current upholder of the sacred Slam. In this time, Frungle has made a large amount of ironic Miiverse After Dark images; His most popular having upwards to 500 Yeahs. Even when Frango became unbanned, he still uses his Frungle account, as that one seems to have more attention on Miiverse. As of now, Frungle currently has 1700+ followers.

These two accounts went through several periods of being banned, and each account grew more and more popular from doing their basic antics of shitposting 24/7.  Upon recieving a New 3DS, the user behind Frungle and Frango made a new account named "platinum_ocean".  Soon after, his entire Wii U was banned because Frungle got banned (the new update had made it so that if one account gets banned, all accounts get banned).  As of now, he uses Frungle's mii on his New 3DS to try and live out his final few days before the dreaded Miiverse Renewal happens.

What in the name of grapes is up with that digitty-dang Mii?

Now it all starts back in January 2013... *flashback lense* I had invited my good friends over to play Wii U games, as I had just recently recieved a Wii U for the holidays. The first thing we did was made Miis. One of my friends (who shall remain unnamed) made the original Frungle Mii. At the time, I already had a Wii U Miiverse NNID known as "DonBohn" (the Mii is named Jake, btw), so I didn't use Frungle that much. However, several months later, I felt like I wasn't having enough fun on Miiverse. My only solution was to create a troll account. Thus, Herald64 (aka. Frungle) was made.

Later on, I felt like I wanted to make a Mii that was going to serve as Frungle's evil twin brother. So I created Frango. As you already know, on June 13, 2014, Frungle was banned from Miiverse as I was watching Game Grumps. I created an third account (frungledrum) as soon as I could. With no other Miis that I could use, I settled on using my Frango Mii.

Frango Image Gallery :)


In response to an infamous RP

Frungle Image Gallery :)


  • "I just started Miiverse, and the administration already wants my head on a silver platter."
  • "R.I.P. Capcom (20XX - 21XX) 'brb thx guize'"
    Through the Slams and Jams (Quad City DJ's vs

    Through the Slams and Jams (Quad City DJ's vs. Dragonforce)

    this is his theme song.

  • "Meanwhile, at Phillips HQ: 'Mah boi! This is what all true lawyers strive for!'"
  • "I just came back from the zoo. I saw two flamingos beat each-other up, and I petted a shark, and almost got pooped on by a bird while in an aviary. It was good times all around. Plus, I saw a bald eagle. #murica"
  • "My cousin's dog is eating my couch. #whaaat"

Trivia that absolutely nobody cares about

  • Darude Sandstorm MIDI (aka Reggae Version)

    Darude Sandstorm MIDI (aka Reggae Version)

    Frungle's alternate theme.

    He was one of the founding fathers of the Space Jam memes on Miiverse
  • His waifu is Kraid.
  • He looks up to the Bard as his role-model.
  • He likes to write stuff that nobody cares about.
    Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 9.39.18 PM

    Skittles is love; Skittles is life.

  • His favorite games are Super Mario Galaxy and Shovel Knight. Because he's a scrub.
  • He didn't make any of his Mii's other than his DonBohn Mii (which is his 3DS PhotoMii from, like, 2011).
  • He watches JonTron on a daily basis.
  • He practically has no social life.
  • He has a dog named Skittles.
  • He helped a fellow space jam fan named Num Num

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