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Fuck Bees
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Fuck Bees is a parody of the song "Hip To Be Square" by pop rock band Huey Lewis and the News, replacing the lyrics "be square" with "fuck bees", with "bees" being taken out of the lyric "be square". Vinesauce was pivotal in popularizing the meme by using the song in their "Super Mario Galaxy Vinesauce Repainted" game as the replacement of the Honeyhive Galaxy theme.
Fuck Bees (Official Music Video)-0

Fuck Bees (Official Music Video)-0

Fuck Bees - The original video.



Fuck Bees was originally uploaded to YouTube on February 13, 2015 by a YouTuber named The video consisted plainly of a photo of a girl sitting behind a bee model next to a ride with Barry, the main character from Bee Movie, flying across the screen diagonally. At first, the video was very obscure, only garnering a couple handfuls of views. Over the course of the year it managed to gain a few views here and there until...

Vinesauce Repainted Stream

Vinesauce Vinny & GPM - Vinesauce Games Repainted

Vinesauce Vinny & GPM - Vinesauce Games Repainted

Skip to 52:30 for Fuck Bees.

The Vinesauce Repainted Stream was a stream held on December 13, 2015 that featured a texture hack of the game Super Mario Galaxy to fit to Vinesauce's many memes, replacing many of Galaxy's textures with Vinesauce memes, such as Mario turning into Sponge, the mushroom turning into the Vineshroom, walls turning into Nicholas Cage, and many, many others. The creators of the game also changed the songs in game, such as Good Egg Galaxy's theme changing to "Do Your Best", Sweet Sweet Galaxy's theme changing to "I'm So Hungry", and arguably the most popular of them all, Honeyhive Galaxy changing into "Fuck Bees".

The regular Honeyhive Galaxy music started up the level, but it started slowing down and eventually stopped. 

Chart of popular

Search popularity on December 13th.

Then, out of nowhere, in kicked Fuck Bees, which angered Vinny because he liked the original Honeyhive music. The Vinesauce chat caused an uproar over this and began tweeting Vinny posts like "#beesex", "fuck bees", and photos of Vinny as a bee. GPM thought this was hilarious and started encouraging everyone to make #beesex a popular search term on Google and a trending topic on Twitter. It never reached trending on Twitter, but it did become a popular search term on Google.

The meme is regularly referenced here on Le Miiverse Resource Wiki, both on the wiki and in chat. It is also referenced on Miiverse as "f bees", "frick bees", or other variations of the censor, as "fuck" is obviously not allowed to be said on Miiverse.


It's hip to fuck bees x2

I like my bees in fucks suits, I fuck bees on TV

I'm fucking bees 'most everyday and fucking bees

They tell me that it's good to fuck bees, but I fuck bees

I know that it's crazy, I know that it's nowhere

There is no denying that

It's hip to fuck bees x3

So hip to fuck bees

Fuuuuuuck beeeeeeees x13

It's not too hard to fuck bees, you see it everyday

And those that were the farthest out have fucked bees

You see bees on the freeway, It don't look like a lot of fuck

But don't you try to fuck me; "A bee who's time has come."

Don't tell me that I'm crazy, don't tell me I'm nowhere

Take it from me

It's hip to fuck bees x4

Tell 'em boys

(Bees, bees, they're everywhere

Bees, bees, so hip to fuck bees

Bees, bees, they're everywhere

Bees, bees) x4


  • is an active bait troll who makes anti-Vinesauce posts consistently, even going so far as to spoil Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the description of the video.
  • The original video for Fuck Bees was uploaded exactly 10 months before the Vinesauce Repainted Stream, down to the date.
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