GameStop is a video game store that allows you to buy new and used games. GameStop is known for their trade-in system, which allows a customer to sell the store their used games for money. The money given in exchange is usually a low amount. 


Power to the Memers.

The Meme

The meme involves using a franchise or company (mostly related to games) and say you sold it for a very low amount of money. The meme is a nod to the fact that GameStop doesn't give power to the players, but it instead manipulates them. It's pretty much like your typical modern Miiverse meme.


  • I sold Miiverse at Gamestop for $5.
  • I sold a bag that said "COD" at Gamestop for $500.
  • I sold an unfunny meme at Gamestop for $1.
  • I sold a Pikachu amiibo at Gamestop for 1 cent.
  • I sold Dragon Ball Z at Gamestop for $Over 9000.
  • I sold nothing to Gamestop and got -$15
  • I sold a solid bar of gold and got $ .20
  • I sold my family and house at Gamestop for $15
  • I sold Fetty wap to gamestop for $17.38
  • I sold my children to Gamestop for $3
  • I sold my soul to Gamestop for $666
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