Players Wanted


Heavy Lobster is a boss character from the SNES game Kirby Super Star and it's DS remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. Heavy Lobster has also had an impact in Miiverse, as he has made a prominent appearence in the Just Dance 2015 Community. Praise the Heavy Lobster.

The Meme's Origin

On the day that the community opened, user KingAdam told users on the popular The Legend of Zelda Community that he was to invade the newly opened community. As a few users decided to invade the community, the user Osamaniqua posted a statement that mentioned that the Heavy Lobster was to lead the community in approximately thirty seconds. Soon after, a user named Horror popularized the Heavy Lobster meme by posting "#heavy lobster" in the community.

The Heavy Lobster craze continued to thrive throughout the community, spawning many drawings of Lobsters. Many consider the Just Dance 2015 community to be the "Just Lobster 2015 community".  If you yourself want to spread the love and joy that Heavy Lobster brings, post in the Just Dance 2014 community with your post tagged with "Players Wanted". Praise the Heavy Lobster.

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