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NNID hiimfamos
Age 21 (decades)
Joined 5/01/2015
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System(s) owned SO Wiiu
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Alts TinkyWinky

i am bak and famoser then evr now givr me cokies im hongrey


hiimjamie (NNID: hiimfamos) was a Miiverse user who joined on May 1st 2015. She was a 'famos' user who could fluently speak Watermelon, (aka, her grammar is really bad). Some of her favorite interests were, being famous, Bubble Guppies, boys, school, and Miiverse Dating. It's unknown if she is a fake account, or is really stupid. If you mention her grammar, she will think you are talking about her grandma. She briefly dated Supimcolin, then broke up with him to be with hiimbrian, and then broke up with him to marry Shane.


  • She looks identical to Guest F, one of the default Mii's you can chose from in SSB4. She looks like Yoli, too.
  • A male version of her has joined, named "hiimbrian".


"*facepalms* I lost hope in humanity." said someone. She responded "ok kool"

"hahshtage droma"

"yor a kid now ur a skwid now lol i luv tht sng th skwids luk lik bubl gupes"

"five nites at frdys is thd s ware u wont to b i gest don get idt wy du u wona stey i donkt lik tht song but it iz famos so i kindf lik it"

"i don lik rap musik adnd i wel nevr becom a raper"

"i a in papular post to tims go down wen u go der to c to of m post"

"maro cart is the borinest gam evr"

"i am bak and famoser then evr no ware is no an mister berger and the geyng of frinds i had her" (This one made YouTube and over 200 comments)

"im sad strongi and gab com her i need u bols" (This has 500+ comments)

"i lik shusheiy"

"wombo combo funey mems lol"

"my uncle hat me adnd no i kant play my konect and it always fighting were i live evereday"

"bubl bubl bub l gupes gupes gupes"

"my movey is hamie adnd th bubl gupes"

"wat is a yutob"

"wat is acity feed"

"i usd 2 pley tomachi lif untl on dey i drop 3dds in toylit bi acidet no i cnt pley it no mor"

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