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JJ the "Comet King"

On January 5th, 2015, JJ returned to Miiverse and announced his so called "comet", JJ's Comet, was going to destroy the The Year Of Luigi Community , the Animal Crossing Series Community, and the Wii Fit U Community . It was supposedly the sequel to the previous meme, Caillou's comet. A user, Aang, took this seriously and prepped for battle against JJ and his comet. Everyone reacted to this and started posting about it, panicking. Three days later, JJ claimed the comet was to hit "the day after".

On the day the comet "hit", January 9th, 2015, it didn't really do anything at all. The confusion and the meme slowly died down throughout the day. A few short days afterwards, JJ was banned.

Aang rejoiced and claimed he had won the "battle" against JJ.

No one ever spoke of the comet afterwards.  
JJ's comment


JJ announced his comet was going to hit the Wii Fit U Community and destroy the trolls and Smashers on a Friday. Some people took this either too seriously or thought it was a simple joke. It was assumed to be either a report bomb or absolutely nothing. A user named AvatarAang stepped out and trained himself for the future battle against JJ.

The next day, The Year of Luigi and Animal Crossing Series communities had suddenly disappeared. JJ claimed that the comet destroyed them. The next day, a user named SMASHMII2 claimed he had a "fart comet" and teamed up with JJ. JJ announced that the comets have fused and became a more powerful comet. On a Tuesday, some users tried to reason with JJ. On that day, JJ announced that he would turn the Wii Fit U community into the "Cheese Community".

The "Comet King", JJ mysteriously got banned, so his 2 successors, Lord Squid and Lily, took over for a while until he comes back(Lord Squid most likely was trolling). SMASHMII2 claims to still have a fart comet while making random posts about farts and the fart comet. AvatarAang masters the element of gender bending, and bends his gender into a female. A user named "JJ the 2nd" appears, and takes over the comet. The next day, a ghost appears questioning his existence.

Friday, the day the comet hits, the ghost reveals that he is the ghost of JJ. JJ soon retakes command of the comet, and Aang prepares himself for the epic battle. The "Wii Fit U Community vs. Comet" war begins, but it consisted mostly of just users drawing pictures and making posts saying they're going to battle. Aang defeats JJ the 2nd and soon lies about facing off against JJ. Nothing much really happened that day, as the comet was mostly just drawing and random posts talking about the comet.

JJ soon reveals that he was trolling the Wii Fit U Community the entire time, many users got annoyed and angry about this. After the war, many users in the Wii Fit U Community continued to post and do what they normally do as if nothing happened. One month later, JJ returned, but got banned again. It is unknown if he will return again. Other users such as Abby, Chan and Mick claim they have a comet. Many people had already discerned it as an attempt to troll, so nobody took them seriously. JJ returned on March 24 2015, to announce he will be leaving the wii fit community due to getting a Console ban warning after being hit with a report bomb from Digit and getting JJ's main account permabanned. JJ passes on leader ship to the former comet queen Lily. He has joined LMR and has plans to return to Miiverse this august. Upon his return he wrote an emotional post about being reunited with his comet queen.


  • A lot of users got trolled.
  • As time passed, a few other users copied JJ's comet.
  • Comets don't really crash into planets
  • Comets also orbits from out of nowhere, to the sun and back
  • This event was supposedly a spoof of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the episode Sozin's Comet, the Series finale
  • JJ had a royal comet butler named "Jake" (nnid:fblaise11) who helped spread the word of the comet. He later went on to serve Mick and Abby.
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