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Jordan is a verified user on Miiverse, and the creator of the $4.99 eShop game IQ Test, known by him as "The hardest eShop game ever", and Meme Run, an eShop infinite runner filled with MLG-related memes, which was taken down due to copyright reasons. He is very sociable with other Miiverse users and is respected by the Miiverse community. Some of his posts are funny to Miiverse users, and some users call him "The Best Verified User of Miiverse".


Jordan has been criticized for mocking the news publication Nintendo Life after they gave Meme Run a 1/10 during their review of it, and for insulting another developer who made a clone game. Meme Run and it's Miiverse community was taken down from the eShop on 3/2/15 after the creator of the famous "Trollface" image claimed Jordan infringed the image's copyright by making the trollface the main character.

Jordan is currently working on a new game based around memes called, Bigley's Revenge.
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Several moments later, the Miiverse Administration Government cracked down on Nicko, and ultimately killed off a comment.

His YouTube channel is Jordan Schuetz.


Jordan (NinjaPigStudios) -Currently Inactive - 17,216 followers - following 114 posts - yeahed 19,872 posts - 6 friends - view this account here. - was used for text posts.


  • "Shrek is love. Shrek is life. :)"
  • "I just want people to play this game. It's fun!"
  • "I have an IQ Test dream team. It's my Ninja Pig and Duck"

  • "People take my games so seriously holy crap....never knew people actually took Meme Run this way.. It's just a game for entertainment and fun, don't get your panties in a bunch, Btw played your clone, not even close to the quality mine is  I suggest you give mine a try on the 18th to see for yourself."  

Jordan's deleted post

On 8/16/14, the creator of the indie game IQ Test, Jordan, a Verified user, had a post deleted.

On his next post, people were wondering of how his post was deleted. Jordan didn't respond. The post was a drawing, showing a Dolan comic. The post might've deleted because it said, "Gooby" which was the meme pronouncing of Goofy, a Disney character. People started assuming that the admins have stepped up their game, now deleting verified user posts. The post that was deleted was later restored.