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NNID skr702
Age 17
Joined November 18 2012
Community Percy's Predicament
Followers 174+
System(s) owned Wii U, 3DS
Birthday 1/15
Alts Unknown
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His wiki username is the same as on Miiverse: Krrrbin


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He has been on Miiverse since November 18th, 2012. At this point he was a dumb little shit that thought scraping the gamepad with his stylus was art. He got bored of the Wii U version and did not return until the release of the 3DS version under his new name: Krrrrbin.

While searching for other people's towns in "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" he met a person named "Kendell" and from there, what would become one of his closest friends, "Claoose". From there he met another one of his closest friends, "Surli", and from there "DStar". However meeting DStar was the start of a petty arguement that would consume them all. DStar was blocked by the Miiverse user "Skyshaymin", when confronting Skyshaymin about it Krrrrbin was blocked. This led to a large scale arguement that lasted monuths, ending with Krrrrbin being unblocked, while this has become a moment of embarrasment for him, he met Davis 00, Jordan, and others along the way.


KKH702 - His main account.

skr702 - Alt account (the one he started miiverse with) PS: don't look at my past

After this event Korbin discovered his friend Sahobo was still on Miiverse, they had met in a Giga Gamby post months prior. Korbin, still maturing would develop a crush on Sahobo, and the situation devolved into a freak mess as Sahobo constantly threatened suicide. This came to a head when word got out of one of her attempts leading to many miiverse users drawing pictures to remember her, yet she was not dead. At this point Sahobo and Krrrrbin had began talking outside of Miiverse. Sahobo finally broke off from Krrrrbin leaving him confused and mentally broken. This was noticed by friends.

BUT LO....

Krrrrbin's friends helped him out of his depression, and continued on Miiverse as normal. He became apart of the "Percy's Predicament" community and eventually became a member of Davis's exclusive "Funtime" crew. As many other Miiverse residents matured they moved the friends they had to other platforms to freely speak at last. Krrrrbin did the same moving to skype, then Discord.

Krrrrbin 2014

Now a days Krrrrbin could care less about his past on Miiverse. He tries really hard to forget about his miiverse past. That's why he wants to burn this wiki page. HE GOT PERMA'D ONCE AND ALREADY GOT THE CONSOLE BAN WARNING *claps*

While not posting to Miiverse often when he did, he would post cynical, snide remarks. He truly does not give a shit anymore. After a falling out with Davis, Krrrrbin is on Discord back with the friends who started it all, Dash, Claoose, and Janne. Now more laid back and cynical about life, he views Miiverse as a joke, yet remembers fondly the days where he was oblivious that the shitstorm he was causing would be the greatest thing in his life.

Additional Stuff

It's been a fun ride on Miiverse, guys. I regret all the immature shit I did back then but really, when it came down to it I felt like I was a part of something, and met my best friends. Thank you guys. :)