About Kicks and Bans

Note: 3 kicks in 1 day will result in a ban, and how long the ban is depends on what rule(s) has been broken. Breaking certain rules may also result in instant bans (You probably didn't read this list if you broke these and got an instant ban)

Chat Rules

Rule 1: Don't Spam

What counts as spam here?: Note: doing any of the following listed here will usually result in a kick.

  • Posting more than 7 lines of meaningless text. 8 is allowed if the text is not meaningless.
  • 4 lines of the exact same text in a row.
  • Meaningless stuff, such as posting copy-pastas or wikipedia articles in chat way too much.
  • 5 lines of large emotes.
  • Spamming the AFK button.

Stuff that may result in an instant ban:

  • Posting 20 lines in chat is an instant 2 hour ban.
  • Trying to flood the chat while mods are away will be an instant 1 day ban. Basically if you constantly spam the following: 8 lines of useless text, 4 identical lines in a row over and over again, and posting big emotes way too much.

If chat is dead:

If nobody is talking in chat then you can post as many lines as you want, as long as it's not anything meaningless like posting the same stuff over and over (Chat must be inactive for 10 minutes).

Rule 2: Stuff that is/isn't allowed with alt accounts (also known as socks)

Note: All alt accounts must tell a moderator what their main account is. Refusal to do so will result in the alt getting perma-banned.

Stuff that's not allowed

  • Accounts made to impersonate users. (Parody accounts are allowed as long as the user gave you permission.)
  • Accounts made to bypass chat bans or blocks. The alt bypassing the ban will be perma banned, and the original ban will most likely be extended.
  • Accounts made for the sole purpose of trolling, harassing users, and breaking other rules.

Stuff that is allowed

  • Joke alts as long as they don't break any rules.
  • Alts for if a user wants a name change.
  • Backup alts in case something happens to their main account (forgot their password, is locked out, etc. Bypassing bans is still not allowed.)

Rule 3: Don't harass users or be intentionally annoying

Stuff that is annoying/harassment

Note: Before causing pointless drama in main chat over an insult, make sure that its an insult and not just a joke. However, even if it is a joke it may become kickable if taken too far and the user(s) starts to get annoyed.

  • unnecessary pings
  • Intentionally doing things to annoy users
  • Constantly being rude, insulting users, and being an overall asshole the entire time
  • Constantly insulting and starting fights with specific users in chat
  • Making up lies or creating rumors about a user
  • Causing drama in the chat over a kick
  • Posting major spoilers

Rule 4: Sex talk and other stuff that's a no no in chat

Breaking these will result in a kick

  • Cybering, also known as sex roleplay, is forbidden in the main chat.
  • Sexual fanfics are forbidden in chat.
  • Copy-pastas that are way too pornographic (stuff like Dipper Goes to Taco Bell)

Rule 5: Drama

Chat drama

  • Do not try to piss people off and make people angrier if there is some kind of drama going on in chat. You might get kicked or banned for doing so.
  • If the mods tell everyone to move the drama somewhere else (usually on some testing wiki or backup), that means the drama/topic/argument shall no longer continue in main chat. Drama disturbs our daily shitposting.

Cross wiki drama

  • Normally we don't care what users do on other wikis, but if you try to start shit between LMR and another wiki its gonna be a 1 week ban.
  • Linking our chat on other wikis is also gonna be a 1 week ban.
  • If a bunch of users from another wiki suddenly all enter chat at once, then the LMR users and mods have the right to be suspicious and question them. If these users are only here to start shit, insult people and be dicks, then the mods can either kick or ban them.
  • If there does happen to be drama between two wikis, do not go to the other wiki(s) to start more shit. Just let the mods of LMR and the other wiki(s) handle this.
  • Gathering users on LMR to raid other wikis will be a 1 week chat ban.

Rule 6: Don't post anything against Wikia's Terms of Use

  • Posting any screamers, jump scares, and any ear rape without warning may result in an instant 1 week ban.
  • Disturbing imagery or anything with pornography, nudity, vore, scat and/or gore will result in a week ban.
  • Please do not ask for personal information from other users (addresses, passwords, emails, phone numbers, credit card details, etc), or reveal said information. This will result in a 3 month ban.
  • Posting any kind of malware, spyware, and adware will be a perma ban. For more info about malware/spyware/adware see here, here and here.

Making a Chat Ban appeal

If you think your ban was unfair or a mistake then please make a ban appeal for your chat ban in the forums.

When making an appeal try to avoid the following

  • Your entire appeal is in caps lock.
  • You make an appeal and insult staff or other users in it the appeal.
  • There's cursing used in almost every sentence of your appeal.
  • Has no effort at all and most likely will be passed off as a shitpost by most users.
  • Making a chat ban appeal saying you broke no rules when you never read the rules to begin with.

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