Lana Backwards
Lana Hyrule Warriors
Lana, from Hyrule Warriors.
Site it originated from Unknown
Status Dead
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The Lana backwards meme is recurring joke on the Wii Fit U Community based on the original character,

Lana, from Hyrule Warriors. The meme consists of posts asking what "Lana" spelled backwards is and occasionally asking what other word spelled backwards is. An example of the latter format is "Muk backwards is ________".

Around the time of Hyrule Warriors' release, a few users noticed that Lana's name spelled backwards became "anal". Nobody was allowed to directly say that for multiple reasons, so people just posted things trying to hint it, such as "Spell Lana backwards." It spawned a few posts, but never became an actual meme.

The joke was brought back on January 17th, 2015, this time creating a meme about spelling things backwards, not just "Lana". Some people even decided to post what "Lana" spelled backwards literally said, but they all got deleted.

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