Luigi SMB3DWorld
Game Series Super Mario
Date Debuted in 1983
First Appearence Mario Bros (1983)
Latest Appearence Mario Party: The Top 100 (2017)
Owned by Nintendo

Luigi's a character from the Super Mario Series and is the younger brother of Mario. Luigi is one of the main characters in the Super Mario series, and in most games he usually plays a major or minor role in the main series games.

Luigi used to be only the Player 2 character in the old Mario games (just a basic green palette swap of Mario), but he later developed into his own personality and character. Games such as Super Mario Bros 2 gave him his unique floaty jump, and Mario Kart 64 and other early Mario games for the N64 gave Luigi his own personality.

He once had his own year (2013), known as The Year of Luigi, where gamers celebrate Luigi's 30th year as part of the Mario franchise. Nintendo released games starring Luigi such as Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Dr. Luigi, New Super Super Luigi U, and Super Mario 3D World, which had a lot of cameos of 8-bit Luigis. However, it seems as though all of this just made him even more shy and awkward. He was also a meme on Miiverse and other parts of the Internet, especially being famous for winning by doing absolutely nothing in many games such as Smash Bros., Mario Party, etc. In Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2, he has a few gameplay differences that separate him from his brother, Mario. He can jump higher but he has less traction and speed.

Luigi has had many Miiverse communities related to him, such as the Dr. Luigi Community, the Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Community, and the most popular one being the Year of Luigi community. Luigi also has his own Support community like the other characters in Super Smash Bros for 3DS / Wii U. You can find the Support community here .



  • Years before Luigi's Mansion was released, another game featuring Luigi as the star was released with the title Mario's Missing.
  • Luigi is known for being a coward since Luigi's Mansion, but this persona technically started with "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show"
  • Luigi's name came from the word "Ruiji" meaning "similar". Which is ironic, because Luigi was just a palette swap of Mario in the earlier days.
  • Luigi has the most memes out of any character in the franchise.
  • Along with Wario, in the Japanese version of Mario Party, Luigi says "Oh my God!" when he loses a minigame. Censored with the generic "Owowow!" voice clip in the International releases.
  • Luigi is translated into "famous warrior". Which is ironic due to his actual personality and status.