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Magikarp is a Miiverse user regularly to be found posting in the Super Smash Bros Series Community, after that community was shut down he moved to the Zelda community were all the other Smashers went. Eventually the Smashers were forced to move to the Wii Fit U Community, Magikarp followed them, he also changed his mii later on for personal reasons. Over time, Magikarp started getting tired of the Wii Fit U community, so he now posts in the Activity Feed. He is the most powerful Pokèmon known to exist; Magikarp. Beware his Splash! His IDs are DatKarpTho , and DatBritGuy .



  • He is a Magikarp #PLOTWIST
  • He worships the Mighty Ouya, for it is the console of the decade. Hail Ouya!
  • He sometimes tends to troll unexpected fanboys who take everything seriously
  • He is a fan Smash Mouth
  • He was originally not a Magikarp until he transformed into one to hide from the Admins
  • He has no style.
  • He has no grace.
  • His wiki name is Kusagani 
  • He's a member of SmashyClub 
Jordan Stole The Precious Slam-2

Jordan Stole The Precious Slam-2

Magikarp's Amazing Theme Song

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