Game Series Super Mario
Date Debuted in 1981
First Appearence Donkey Kong (1981)
Latest Appearence Mario Party: The Top 100 (2017)
Owned by Nintendo

Mario is the main character of the Super Mario series. He originally appeared in the Donkey Kong Series, and was a spin-off character. Mario later got his own series of video games, and due to the games success, Mario became Nintendo's mascot. He has multiple roles besides plumbing and saving Princess Peach such as kart racing, playing sports, etc.

Mario has also made cross over appearances in other games such as Super Smash Bros and the Mario & Sonic Series, Mario has also made many cameo appearances in other Nintendo games as well. Mario also has TV shows such as Super Mario World, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, and The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3.

Mario has become so recognized that he is just as recognizable as Disney's Mickey Mouse. He has been a pop culture giant appearing in various cameos and merchandise. Some people consider Mario "overrated" and "given too much attention".

Due to the fact he is the flagship mascot of Nintendo he is of course a popular character on Miiverse. His games (i.e.: Mario Kart 8) have Miiverse communities that rank as the most popular game communities on Miiverse, and Mario has the most communities of him on there. Mario has a Support community like the other Smash Bros Wii U / 3DS characters, most of the the posts are poorly drawn or either people calling 'Mario' as 'Mayro'. This community (most of the time) is inactive which scrolling down you can find posts from 15-16 hours or so, you can find the Support Community here.