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Aw man, I'm a meme!

An internet meme is a catchphrase or a piece of media that is spread by other people via the Internet. On Miiverse, users may make a post that is either a funny phrase or a reference to movies, video games, or other media that is supposedly worthy enough to be repeated. At least one user will attempt to create their own variation of that post just after reading it. Eventually, if it continues long enough and enough people are engaged, the majority of posts will just be using the meme's format with very slight differences. Many memes usually last for a few hours, while some last much longer.

Many memes are often intended and/or forced. (For example, people either make posts including "New meme:" at the very beginning of it or constantly make posts with the same phrase included.) They vary from success and failure, but most of them don't end up successful.

Memes are somewhat similar to fads. However, most Miiverse memes used are "fill in the blank" format, where the blank is replaced with a word or phrase of the poster's choice to complete the joke. Memes are usually created by the Smashers, and this also means that they were extremely popular on the Super Smash Bros Community and the Wii Fit U Community.

Negative opinions

Many users, especially popular users, have a negative opinion on memes. They think that memes are unoriginal and unfunny. An example is the opinion below. "A meme is nothing you will find on Miiverse. Miiverse users are clearly mistaken on what a meme actually is, and try to pass off their stupid one-line jokes like "____, which is why I carry my Levin Sword", and "All hail Shrek!" among others, as popular internet memes. In reality, these are attempts made by trolls to make others assume that they are actually comical people and have real lives. These sorry excuses for "memes" are most often seen in the Super Smash Bros. Series community, and include, but are not limited to:

"Anything related to Shrek"

"Anything that started with a post that began with "New Meme: ____"."

"A fan-made character named "Bigley," who was made by a fan who can't draw but at the same time attempted to draw Ridley, in an effort to back up his now defunct argument that 'Ridley is too big to be in Smash!'"

"RIP Harambe, you will always be missed."


Admins y u do dis???

List of known memes: [Be sure to add any that we've missed!]

  • Alfonzo (Leave it to me)
  • Gazpacho bans (BANNED)
  • Dinkleburg/Jinkies
  • Back in my day...
  • Pepperidge farms (Pepperidge farms remembers)
  • Character predictions (JOINS THE BATTLE!)
  • Reggie (My body is ready)
  • Bernd+ (BIT BOY!! ARCADE)
  • To add realism...
  • Waluigi time!! (TOO BAD)
  • Please understand (Iwata)
  • Honey, I...
  • Dirty Rosalina jokes
  • Pikachu's tail
  • Badly translated
  • Pichu's Tail
  • Sakutroll (Pic of the day...)
  • Luigi's nose
  • Sueing Hatty (I'm suing X because Y)
  • When life gives you lemons...
  • Sanic
  • Sonic's a girl
  • Cailiou
  • X & Knuckles
  • John Cena
  • Cory Baxter (CORY IS IN THE HOUSE)
  • Some post I saw (When referring to an often stupid post)
  • Scary 2-Year Old
  • Confession time
  • Original character (Do not steal/Donut steal)
  • ~The last thing Hatty ever said...
  • OH LONG JOHNSON (This failed)
  • If I were a man....
  • Da Truth Be Told
  • Everytime Hatty gets banned...
  • Popcorn Status
  • Boku No Pico (Apparently a meme that went too far)
  • Ridley Debate
  • X, X Everywhere
  • Notice me, Senpai
  • My Reaction to: (Well only Nostalgic used this meme)
  • Zoroark in disguise
  • There's a Snake in Mah Boot!
  • Buzz BWAHAHA (Buzz, (X)! Where? BWAHAHA)
  • Cucumber Dog
  • Sakurai's new name
  • Darude - Sandstorm
  • Muffin Button (dead)
  • Eat your Vegitables (So if you don't want to be a fatass like Wario, THEN EAT YOUR VEGITABLES)
  • Still a better lovestory than Twilight
  • At Night!
  • Bad Words
  • Fake
  • Arrows to the Post jokes (↑Ate a weegee)
  • Tie Helicopter
  • Yo Mama jokes
  • Bikini Week
  • Bikini Day
  • Toasters
  • Purple (Yeah Purple was a meme)
  • Hashtag
  • Shipping (NarutoXGreninja)
  • The Miiverse Hitler
  • The Miiverse Movie
  • The Miiverse War
  • GameTheory meme
  • GameXPlain meme (created by IvoEggman)
  • Sorry, I don't speak Watermelon
  • Gotta get the Eggs.
  • Duckness
  • ManBearPig
  • Thnxsky
  • Stole my bike
  • How Tough Am I? (Example: How tough am I? I went to Disney Without adult supervision!)
  • (Topic), At Night!
  • Bold n Brash
  • Shia Labeouf
  • Well La Di Da
  • I'm Dirty Dan!
  • #openyoureyes
  • Professor Oak: "Are you a boy or a girl?" (Video Game Character): (Clever response).
  • Let's go bowling! (meme from the user niko bellic)
  • Badass SkyShaymin's rebellion
  • Eggurai's Skyline GT-R
  • Assmin (Badass skyshaymin's famous quote)
  • Don't eat ___. You can't eat ___.
  • If ___________, then you have terrible aim
  • I pronounce X as Y
  • Turns out _____ was a lie. (Made by luteman/I am blob.)
  • schoolstories
  • I went amiibo hunting, but instead I found_____
  • BooVoo
  • Bigley
  • Look up Dolli Dimples! She's our new Ogre Lord!
  • smoke weed every day
  • illuminati
  • MLG (and anything refering to it)
  • In an alternative universe where ____
  • Lucina Wakes My Blade
  • Anything popular is overrated.
  • I would make a joke about ___, but _________
  • Five Nights at ____
  • Noah gets starred at by _______ and complain to _______.
  • Maid Monday
  • Moonman
  • I want to thank _________ for being _________. Thanks _________!
  • paden yeahs _______, so i blocked him.
  • is mayonnaise a ______?
  • Share a coke with _____?
  • Papa Franku
  • Han Solo dies 
  • Y can't Metroid crawl? 

Common memes

"Some Post I Saw" meme

The "Some post I saw" meme originates from the original Smash Bros community , but no one knows exactly when it became popular. It is a widely used meme and can have pretty humorous results. One of the more humorous results you can get is "-Some post I saw"-Some post I saw"-Some post I saw" and so on.

So here's the gist of it: You copy a post you saw (Usually stupid and/or funny) and end it with "-Some post I saw". It is mostly used whenever someone sees a stupid post but people use the meme for other posts too. Few have been seen using the "-some post I saw" meme with Sakurai's Pic of The Day posts.

There are multiple variations of this meme as well, such as "some comment I saw" or "some profile comment I saw."

This meme was very popular in the original Super Smash Bros. community and the Zelda community , but starting losing popularity in the Wii Fit U Community, and has almost completely diminished from the smashers vocabulary.

Some post I saw



"Settle it in Smash" is a series of advertisments by Nintendo to promote Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Brothers For Nintendo Wii U. These commercials became a sort of meme in the Super Smash Bros. Series Community.


  • "Being false reported? SETTLE IT IN SMASH!"
  • "Reggie won't localize Mother 3? SETTLE IT IN SMASH!"
  • "A couple of guys who are up to no good and started making trouble in your neighborhood? SETTLE IT IN WEST PHILADELPHIA!"
Nintendo 3DS - Super Smash Bros

Nintendo 3DS - Super Smash Bros. Training Day Commercial

Commercial 1

Wikipedia Copy Paste

Wikipedia copypaste is a method often employed by Miiverse trolls in order to derail a topic of discussion, often used on Miiverse Dating or roleplay posts. As the name implies, this technique involves copy-pasting information from Wikipedia or other wikis, such as Wikia sites/MediaWiki (of which LMR is one). Various users use this outside of the context of trolling, although in this case it's often used for the sake of "random humor". Wikipedia copypaste is regarded as the lowest form of trolling by some.


An example of Wikipedia copypaste.


A hashtag (formally called a number sign or pound sign) is a tag that shows the specific topic or point you're trying to get through.

i.e: I took a picture #Selfie


Hashtags do not work on Miiverse, although some users still use them, and they tend to be very annoying. Many users use hashtags as a joke, or to emphasize a statement. NintendoAmy, a verified user, is the most famous user to use hashtags, as she has used them on the Camp Miiverse Community. Normal users are also known for using hashtags such as The Bard and Alyssa.

They were used a lot during the last day before the Redesign, mainly "#MiiverseMemories" were used, and "FinalSmashes" were created because many users were leaving.


  • #DaTruthBeTold
  • #LivinLikeGamby
  1. MiiverseMemories
  1. FinalSmashes
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