Rated E for Illuminati.

Some people have claimed that games should be considered art. And if there ever has been a game that represented this, it is Meme Run. It is hated by ignorant people who bash it without even playing it, who will never know of this game's true artistic value


Meme Run was an infinite runner based around Internet memes released to the Wii U eShop on December 18th, 2014.


Long ago, in the ancient year of 2014, there was a game developer named Jordan. He made a game, known as IQ Test, and no one cared. But later, many users came to the community. Jordan realized that he would use memes to make his game more popular. His popularity rose and rose, and then later, he showed off his new game, Montage Run, on his YouTube channel. It was later renamed to Meme Run. On the 18th of January, the Bigley update was publicly released for Meme Run in celebration of Bigley's birthday. This later caused an uproar, because he didn't asked to his creator, Side, the permission of using Bigley. The game has its own Wikipedia page. [1] Though their have been rumors that Meme Run has been approved by Miyamoto, this still has yet to be confirmed. Though many references has talked about this rumor/rumours it may never be known if Miyamoto did approve this game.

Removal from Nintendo eShop

As of March 3, 2015, Meme Run has been removed from the Nintendo eShop, meaning those who didn't download the game won't be able to now. The game was removed due to a DMCA violation filed by the copyright holder of the trollface image, Carlos Ramirez (or Whynne). [2]  It is unknown whether or not the game will come back. Rumors began that legal issues got involved and rumors/rumours started spreading further that Jordan had went to jail, but this was proven false.


You run. While you run, memes try to kill you. Bigley is also a playable character, unlocked by entering the sequence up up down down left right left right A B (Also known as Konami Code) at the start screen. There's also a broken block that's most likely a glitch, as suspected by users, but Jordan tried to hide it up by calling it a "Troll Tile".


Marketing Strategy

Jordan believed that Meme Run's target audience was 8-14 year olds [3]. Jordan states that more indie developers should focus on making games that YouTubers would enjoy showing off, by putting funny elements into games that make it good for watching [4].

Reception and Reviews

Meme Run was recieved generally very poorly by most critics, as it lacked variety and the humor was relatively low-brow. Some who played it before it was removed from the E-Shop claimed it was oddly addicting, yet they seem to be in the vast minority.