Miiverse After Dark
Miiverse After Dark
One of The Bard's contests
Site it originated from Unknown
Status Alive
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MiiverseAfterDark (or often shortened to "M.A.D") posts are pictures drawn by The Bard, Lorenzo, and others users. The pictures consist of sexually explitic drawings, and are also the main reason why many The Bard accounts get banned. The drawings are quite popular, usually getting lots of Yeahs (mainly 40+). Most MiiverseAfterDark posts are suggestive things, when which read make it seem like it's referring to 18+ stuff. The drawings originated on Bard's 3rd or 4th account. Many posts consisting this obviously ends up being deleted by the Miiverse administration.

Bard's Contests

Sometimes, The Bard would make a huge contest where everyone can compete with M.A.D posts (or rather, comments). The user whom has made the best M.A.D post will win. The winner can get several privileges, for example, decide what The Bard is going to draw next, or make up a brand new username in case he ever gets banned from Miiverse.



MiiverseAfterDark was first created and hosted in the original Super Smash Bros. Series Community, and The Bard continued to host the event in the same community until the month the Smash Series community was taken down. During November, The Bard and some other users introduced MiiverseAfterDark to the Zelda Community during the Smashers time there.


After the Smashers moved to the Wii Fit U Community, MiiverseAfterDark was thought to be dead since the Bard was once again banned from Miiverse during their time in the Zelda Community. A few months later, MiiverseAfterDark was once again revived and hosted in the Wii Fit U Community by who may or may not have been the real Bard.

Late 2015 and Early 2016

After the Miiverse redesign and the most recent Miiverse updates at the time, MiiverseAfterDark was mostly dead and forgotten due to users who feared of getting banned because of one of the new Miiverse updates. There have been a few attempts at reviving MiiverseAfterDark, but most either usually fail or users just don't care anymore, the most notable 2016 MiiverseAfterDark example was Phantasma, who attempted to revive it as much as she could, but was banned 2/6/16 after trying to draw one last MiiverseAfterDark drawing.

Bard's Gallery

Gallery Drawn By Other Users

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