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Moon Man
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Moon Man (sometimes referred to as Moonman) is an internet meme character who sings songs about racism; from downing African Americans to downing weeaboos. He is voiced by AT&T's text-to-speech Mike program and is represented visually by Mac Tonight, a McDonalds mascot from the late 1980's. Many users on YouTube have created Moon Man songs, parodying popular (and normally recent) rap songs.


McDonalds launched the "Mac Tonight" advertisements in 1986, starring a piano player who had a moon head. These ads had were produced until 1990, when the character was retired (though sometimes Tonight makes cameo appearances in McDonalds ads).

In the Spring of 2007, YTMND user farkle created a GIF of the Mac Tonight character playing the piano to "Chacarron Maccaron". This is normally said to be the very first Moon Man parody video. The GIF became popular among YTMND users, and inspired many others to create videos like it.

The most viewed Moon Man video to date, "Notorious KKK - Moon Man", a parody of Notorious B.I.G.'s "Hypnotize", was uploaded to YTMND on October 2, 2009 by the user MuMluxMlan. The Moon Man meme remained fairly unheard of until 6 years later in 2015, when on May 24, the "Notorious KKK" video was uploaded to YouTube. It became three times more popular on YouTube compared to on YTMND, as the YTMND version at its peak reached 70,000 views, whereas the YouTube version managed to grab 200,000 views before being taken down due to "violating hate speech regulations".

There have since been a great number of Moon Man parodies and even full length albums popping up on YouTube. Popular Moon Man parodies other than Notorious KKK include "Baltimore", where Moon Man criticizes the riots held there, along with "Black Lives (Don't) Matter", where Moon Man bashes the "Black Lives Matter" movement. Another is "Killing N*****s" (the actual video is not censored, Wikia blocks the word), where Moon Man again takes a stab at African Americans.

Moon Man was spread to Le Miiverse Resource via one of Mr.LuigiDude's Shitty Movie Saturdays events' "before party" where someone inserted the video "Moonman - NotoriousKKK" into the Instasync playlist. Everyone jammed out to the song and thought it was pretty funny. Moon Man videos have been very common in SMS before parties ever since, to the point where regulars at the event have named him the face of SMS. Moon Man spread like wildfire to LMR after this, and he is regularly quoted and talked about to this day.

Notable Moon Man Videos

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