I'm just your average stud with a iq of 300

NNID negman
Age 16
Joined October 30th, 2013
Community Sonic Lost World Community
Followers 732
System(s) owned Wii U

System in the Nintendo 3DS Family alts- Geo and Sakaki

Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Negman is a large Miiverse user who only posts two-three times a month and mostly comments on his own posts. He's mostly seen in the Sonic Lost World Community and his posts are extremely popular getting over 50 yeahs and hundreds of comments. He's allies with IvoEggman. Out of Miiverse, he's known as George; GEO for short.


His first post on Miiverse was on November 18, 2013. He usually comments in non Smash Bros. communities. Unlike VGCGreg or IvoEggman, he doesn't focus on conquering a community. Though nonetheless has conquered the Lost World communities, the Brawl Brothers communities along with Bowser and Shining Force the Sword of Hajya community, the code name steam community, the Underground community under Geeboy, the Solomons key community under Sudo mage, the Washington club community under Teddy and Corrin, the Breezeblox community under Rock Lee, the Ava and Avior community under his "Eggson" Brady, the uncharted waters new horizions community under salim, the hidden expedition titanic community under Silver and most recently the natsume championship wrestling community. He also apparently took over the Italian communities but just as apparently he posthumously gave them to his hero Benito Mussolini. GEOs(negmans) group Freege has just recently fused with Morimoto for a union made in heaven.


Negman has many friends but his closest friends are Hyper Metal, Silver, Dave S., and IvoEggman. Negman rules Eggmanland, his very own empire that aren't trolls and are pretty much the nicest bunch of people. Despite own his own empire, he also helps out IvoEggman and vice versa. IvoEggman also joined Eggmanland. 


  • He is the largest Eggman user on Miiverse.
  • He and IvoEggman are allies.
  • He conquered his first active community, the Sonic Lost World community.
  • His posts get large amounts of yeahs.