NNID OBACrypticDragon
Age 25
Joined November 18th, 2012
Community Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday October 15th
OBA-Dragon, formerly known as "Nin-Dragon", was a former popular Miiverse user who had a YouTube channel called OriginalBloodAce. OBA-Dragon has his own clan called the OBA Army and now has a forum. OBA created a very interesting YouTube show called Miiverse Shenanigans which focuses on events that happens on Miiverse. OBA's main enemy is the imposters, and especially the Miiverse Admins (though some of his deleted posts DID in fact violate the Miiverse Code of Conduct). He left on May 2nd, 2014.


OBA bought his Wii U on launch day, and decided to try out the new social network Nintendo has made called Miiverse. OBA became one of Miiverse's first popular users. He soon gained a respectable reputation that imposters soon came. Eventually he reported the imposters, but found out that his first permaban was from a imposter.

OBA phoned Nintendo of America numerous times about the administration. Eventually he manged to ban another imposter. He soon got into was with a PlayStation Nation member, and things heated up. Eventually he received a few more permabans until he made his final account, OBACrypticDragon. After just 25 posts, he was one warning away from a console ban. On May 2nd, 2014, OBA-Dragon annouced to his fans that he will leave Miiverse permanently, and never return. He has a YouTube account now which he showed all of admin warnings and also revealed what he looked like in real life. During the time in which he was attacked by importers he made videos complaining about them on his YouTube account OrignalbloodAce. This continued after the imposters left when he decide to hate on Nintendo more for multiple reasons.


One last imposter named CrypticOBADragon copied every one of OBA's posts and disbanded the account on June 27th.

Eventually, he continued his Miiverse Shenanigans shows, but has winded down the activity. He now operates a forum, called the OBA Forums.

Personality and Rep on Miiverse

According to his videos, he hates both American and British people because of stereotypes. He's Canadian, and he unfriended a person just because he was from the United States. Despite that, he has gained a reputation on Miiverse, and formerly had a powerful fan base. He also seems to consider himself a god.

His Fan Base

While a lot of people hate him, there are a few people who like him. Most of his fan base can get super defensive even when some of his haters do speak the truth about him, OBA's supporters will probably say the person who doesn't like him is a brain dead moron. Or they even dislike bomb the person's video. However sometimes his fan base can't save him, like with Imposters that false-report him.


  • He has a YouTube Channel called OriginalBloodAce.
  • He hates the company Ubisoft for unknown reasons.
  • He seemingly thinks of himself as a god, leading many to suggest that he has ego problems.
  • He's seen being xenophobic towards others nationalities.
  • He still plays his Wii U, just not Miiverse.
  • He doesn't believe in and despises Christianity.
  • He claims to hate the "new generation" of kids. (AKA any child born from 2000 and on.)
  • He loves anything Star Fox.
  • He is an adult, but still argues with children on Miiverse.
  • It was rumored that he hates the Miiverse user 920arianna.
  • He claims that there used to be good Americans.
  • He is anti Ridley.
  • He lost a lot of his fans because of his rant on Ryu being in Smash 4.
  • He thinks Miyamoto is perfect.
  • He blocks people usually for having a different opinion or disagreeing with him.
  • He wishes Sakurai permanent wrist injury for adding Ryu in SSB4.
  • He's an Indie Dev.
  • He is done supporting Nintendo forever because they delayed Star Fox Zero to 2016.
  • He's currently taking a break from making videos on his main channel because of him not supporting Nintendo anymore.
  • He has had so many imposters it is why he permanetly quit. All of them were false reporting him for being an imposter.
  • He usually ignores the videos where it has something to do with being corrected or critcized or just sharing a negative view on his channel.
  • He has disappeared for a few months some say he has family problems and some say he's gone because of the Alberta wildfire.
  • His real name is John Phillip Tulloch and was arrested for possession of child pornography.

People Who Have Made Commentaries on Him

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  • Sf9
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