NNID RabidKingDedede
Age 15
Joined April, 2014
Community Super Smash Bros. Series Community
Followers 900
System(s) owned Wii U
Birthday Unknown
Alts BEN Drown, Ashley, Duckness, Senpai, LELBeouf
Nostalgic is a 15 year old Miiverse user who currently was console banned, but returned with a new mii in an attempt to end the Smasher vs Zelda war. He was well known for his multiple accounts, spam posts, and debates with unfortunate people. He really hates Bikini drawings, Ridley fans, and Zelda fans. He also gets false reported numerous times because they were jelly of his personality and awesomeness. He should also be created as one of a few users who made memes and fads on miiverse popular. Mainly in the smash community. He likes to talk about Cartoons, live-action shows, and movies.


The Finn Debates

He probably traumatized 2 kids already in 5 months.

—Nostalgic, Miiverse

Finn was a bikini artist who is rivals with Nostalgic. They fight through pointless "Finn Debates" and every time Nostalgic loses, Finn draws realistic drawings of girls with large breasts that Nostalgic dislikes a lot. Finn still isn't banned, nor will ever leave. 


The Miiverse Movie


—Nostalgic, Miiverse

After getting hated by Smashy Club and many people, Nostalgic had an idea about making a Miiverse Movie on Little Big Planet 2. Some people (Rob) speculated that it was only for the yeahs (Even though it was not, I'm not greedy), he cancelled the movie until Little Big Planet 3 was released. Although it's going to be made soon in 2015, it's not going to have the same plot as the official plot.

Zelda Community Life

Aggressive Duck is my play style in any videogame

—Duckness, Miiverse

His name was Duckness after moving to the Zelda Community. He discovered Cold Midna was the one false reporting everybody, and exposed her. As Duckness was watching Ethoslab, he sacrificed himself to expose Midna if she was a false reporter. He got console banned afterwards.

Wii Fit Life

Miiverse is full of selfish people... Raiden.

—The Duck Overlord, LMR

After getting console banned, he though it was the end of him, but he got another 3Ds because his other one broke apparently. He, unlike other users, didn't like to stay on the Wii Fit community. After meeting with his newly found rival Raiden, Nostalgic decided to move the Wii Fit community back to the Zelda community, which was a fail because he was lazy. Despite his fate, he left Miiverse because of an error code on his 3Ds account. 

Notable Rivals on Miiverse

Sometimes, Miiverse gives you crap. I try to get out of Miiverse because of these fools.

—Nostalgic, The Miiverse Movie


  • He had numerous accounts like Nostalgic, Duckness, Senpai, and Ashley.
  • He was Ashley when the Smash users moved to the Wii Fit community.
  • His arch rivals are Finn, Lorenz, Raiden, Midna, and vertical line.
  • He was hated by Smashy Club.
  • He has a Le Miiverse Resource account Darkwing Duckness.
  • Duckness came from one of Star_'s Youtube Videos "Sweet Genius"
  • Richard is his middle name.
  • He has anxiety and aspergers.
  • He reviewed cartoons before Finn arrived.
  • He likes Teen Titans Go.
  • Mr. Enter, despite him not being on Miiverse, was Nostalgic's inspiration.
  • He doesn't like Over the Garden Wall.
  • He has a deviantART account named Nostalgicduck.
  • His Playstation 3 account is MIZZYSTARZ