Also known as Lane or PF2KM.
Age 17
Joined February 2014
Community New Super Luigi U
Followers 5,000+
System(s) owned Wii U, 3DS
Birthday 12/02/2000
Alts Full list here:

I liked inklings once. Nico nico nii~

—PF2M, on his Steam profile

PF2M is a Smasher who makes fairly average posts, as well as a hacker who created Miiverse Custom Image Tool, the first public Miiverse hack, and publicized the methods used to post HD custom images and YouTube URLs from PC, among many other things. He's a good friend of Arian, another popular Miiverse hacker, and is a Nico Yazawa enthusiast. He's made thousands of posts across all of his accounts. He is also the creator of Closedverse.


The first one didn't upload correctly

PF2M's first post on Miiverse, originally made as "Lane" instead.

PF2M (also known as Lane, at first) joined Miiverse when the 3DS got Miiverse support in December 2013, but didn't make any posts. In February of 2014, however, he got a Wii U from income tax time, and this is when he first started posting on Miiverse. His first posts were in the New Super Luigi U Game Posts Community, posting stupid in-game stuff and doing other things. A few days later, he found the Super Smash Bros. Series Community, and decided to join the discussion. He first posted serious posts involving Super Smash Bros. 4 and its future content, but gradually entered the off-topic discussion more and more by the day.

After a while, Lane was a regular user in the Super Smash Bros. Series Community, posting more dank memes and discussions than actual Super Smash Bros. content. (Little known fact: he doesn't actually play much Smash, mostly because he can't even beat a Level 9 after years of training.) Everything was going wonderful... and then Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS came out, ruining the community for any and all off-topic posters. He almost joined the YouTube Community, but then he found out that the Volleyball (and later The Legend of Zelda Series Community) was where all the cool kids went, and proceeded to join. Normal posting continued, until he got his first Admin Notification, for telling the Zeldians (who were big on false-reporting at the time) that "there's 7 zelda communities on Miiverse, can't you just go over to one of those?" Thankfully, the movement to the Wii Fit U Community started not too long after, and he was there to stay.

Regular usage continued in the months following. Lane got a lot of bad admin notifications, making 2 alts in order to keep from getting banned (which worked, for a while), and continuing to post off-topic posts. Life was normal yet again, until July 1, 2015. It was 3 AM (EST), and Lane was up waiting for the exact moment Club Nintendo would come down, something he wanted to do for the program he used to much. The time had come: it was midnight where NoA's headquarters were, and it was supposed to go down. At about 3:10 AM, Lane was watching Club Nintendo finally go down, when suddenly he noticed something different in Miiverse's sidebar: "Miiverse is getting a redesign!" As he read it live with all the other users, he realized the madness that was going to ensue. He posted his (mostly negative) thoughts about it, then finally went to bed.

"Miiverse is getting a redesign!"


A few days passed. People complaining about the upcoming redesign, wondering what would happen to the Smashers, and all were regular sights in the Wii Fit U Community, but Lane shrugged it off and tried to continue normal posting. Then, 4th of July 2015 came. What happened next changed his life forever. He heard drama involving some guy named 'MatthewAlt' and wanted to know more, but it took a while to find the post everyone was talking about. Then he saw the comment, the one described on Two Faced/Arian's page, that contained an America meme with "something special" in the 3D layer. (How convenient was it that his 3DS was the one thing he had on him that night?) Interested, he asked Arian for more details, which he got some of, but not enough to help him. He knew 3DS hacking was a thing, as an average user of the Pokemon QR Code exploit when that was still alive, but couldn't figure out how to use something like that for Miiverse hacking. So over the course of the next 6 months, he tried everything he could to do something like Arian, without using a Gateway or anything like that. Not much came from this.

It was the start of 2016. The Miiverse Redesign had come and gone, and Lane was used to it, being yet another user in the New Super Luigi U community. He had homebrewed his 3DS, using it for emulators and save-data editing, even though none of that was helpful to him. (The farthest he had gotten was Chibi-Robo: Photo Finder pictures, and Nintendo Badge Arcade custom badges.) Then the GBATemp Community had finally put together a kernel exploit on the latest firmware, and Lane immediately jumped on the bandwagon of people trying to downgrade their 3DSes to a much more vulnerable firmware. The problem was that the software to downgrade to said firmware was in beta, and when Lane tried to run it on his 3DS, it crashed a few seconds into the downgrade and his 3DS was rendered useless. Thankfully, Christmas had just passed, and he had saved up enough for a refurbished 2DS, which was (and still is) $60 on Nintendo's website. After a few days of waiting, he had his 2DS, and this time it came on a vulnerable firmware, so he didn't even need to downgrade. He proceeded to install a custom firmware and all that on it, becoming the biggest pirate in the world, but he still wasn't satisfied. He needed to find a way to hack Miiverse, easily and quickly.


The first MCIT post ever made.

This is when Lane's experimentation continued. He added Arian on Skype, asked him a few questions about how the Miiverse hacks worked, and used this research to create the ultimate CIA file: Miiverse Custom Image Tool. It was very beta-y at the time -- the image you'd post wouldn't even stay on screen properly -- but he excitedly brought it out to the public anyways, and the Era of Miiverse Custom Image Tool began. The Mario Kart 7 Community was the only one supported at first, but this was later improved on, along with many other bugs with the program. This is also when Lane changed his alias to PF2M, so people who knew him for Miiverse Custom Image Tool could easily identify him. All was going well, until he bricked his 2DS again, and couldn't do much more from there. Nevertheless, he still worked on Miiverse tools, and after an entire day of work, he came out with his next innovation: the Yeah Bot Script. He used his Wii U to create an account to demonstrate this script with, and it got a lot of fame and gossip surrounding it, but it came with a price; this account was the one that got his Wii U banned.

As soon as his 2DS came back from Nintendo's repair team (which took almost a month), he used the SecureInfo_A Exploit, another hack he contributed to, to create new accounts for both him and Yeahbot, which were taken down quickly. The Miiverse Admins had really started to hate him now. After 2 weeks of making new PF2M and Yeahbot accounts (along with a few MCIT ones mixed in), the admins decided that they'd had enough, and Console Banned all his accounts. (This includes his Wii U.) PF2M made the decision to take Yeahbot down, to prevent anything else from happening to his accounts. However, it was too late, and he still got banned not too much later anyways. More PF2M accounts, hacked and non-hacked, passed by with bans coming on a daily basis. Near the end of April, he decided to stop making new New Super Luigi U Community accounts, and would just go on hiatus for a few months. This hiatus ended a month later, with PF2M changing his region to Japan.


On June 6th, 2016, PF2M went to make a new NNID on his 2DS, but when he did so, he was greeted with the error 022-2812: "You cannot access Nintendo Network services on this system." He attempted to change his serial number, but nothing worked. Everyone in the Miiverse hacking community's worst nightmare had come true: Nintendo had created a ban for both NNID services and online play that would affect the device ID (which cannot be fully changed at the moment), and used it against PF2M, giving him one of the world's first Hyperbans. He couldn't use Miiverse anymore whatsoever, and he was left permanently banned for the moment... and he had to rely on others for accounts. So he called up his friend David (whose 3DS he had hacked the day before), and he moved all of his raids there.

David was a reliable person, and didn't abuse his powers very much, though the admins still hyperbanned him a month later. So he called up his friend Zeast/Zesty2 (whose 3DS he had hacked the day before), and he moved all of his raids there.

Zeast was an unreliable person, and abused many of the powers given to him, then disappeared for a few weeks. So PF2M gave up his raids and decided to use his YouTube channel to ask for alts, getting help from various users like Aubby, Stoven, and (later) Arian. This worked well for a while, until a month or so later when both Stoven and Zeast were hyperbanned. PF2M saw the damage he had done (even if he only got one account from Stoven, and their hyperban was from other abuses), and decided to lay low. He called up David again, getting an account from his other hacked 3DS, which kept him alive for a month or so. When that was gone, he decided he'd had enough...

Not long after boneighborhood recieved its second two-week ban, Arian got a 2DS, and could finally be useful in the Miiverse hacking scene once more. He had been talking to PF2M over the previous few months about getting Miiverse's Wii U client working on PC, and while this looked useless to him, he stuck with it anyways. Eventually, Arian discovered Miiverse's developer server (page on that coming soon™), and the outlook of this project looked much greater. So they worked more and more to get there, and eventually they found the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to Arian's work, the two had made it into the console version of Miiverse, and so much was discovered:

  • Custom drawings, making pixel-perfect art easy and actual talent worth less
  • HD custom images on any community, Wii U or not
  • URLs, YouTube videos, and topic tags
  • Image posting in normally forbidden communities, like the YTC and Zelda Community
  • Messaging, blocking, and anything else the Wii U/3DS versions had over the PC version

Not too long after this, they also got account creation working, and a hyperban patch was just on the horizon. With the help of Arian, the two were unstoppable. It was beautiful... and when Halloween 2016 came, he proved what he and Arian could do together by hacking into the Miiverse Announcements community.

It started the day before when Arian found out how to make in-game posts from PC, and then learned that this method could be used to post in any community with little-to-no restrictions, after testing this out in the Nintendo YouTube Channel community. However, he couldn't go as far as places like Miiverse Announcements that weren't tied to a game, as current methods only allowed them to post in communities that you could find the API's "Community ID", which required a game's Title ID provided by the 3DS/Wii U system. (similar to Miiverse Custom Image Tool, which made it so you had to change the Title ID every time you wanted to post in a different community) Also, Arian wanted to get back at PF2M for having the spotlight all the time, because "I could have made all of your discoveries before you if my 3DS wasn't bricked" and reasons like that. So the next morning, PF2M found out not only how to make in-game posts, but also how to find almost any community ID without its title ID. (This was later made obselete when they found out a method to make in-game posts from the 3DS site of Miiverse without dealing with any of those fields.) He made the first hacked Miiverse Announcements posts saying "Hello, Miiverse! I've come to announce that we are removing the post limit... haha, I wish." It got very popular before being deleted an hour later, and later that day Arian and him made a lot of posts in the Miiverse Announcements community, later putting them into a second major Nintendo news outlet. (The first being about Miiverse Custom Image Tool) From there, the two were Miiverse icons yet again, and proved their mettle against the Miiverse admins' tyranny as usual.

On December 5th of 2016, PF2M was looking around the Nintendo Developer Portal (using his own legitimate Nintendo Developer ID) and found that there were API calls for "editing official communities" made for dev servers and internal Nintendo usage. After trying many different URLs, he was able to find a command in the API that allowed him to edit the New Super Luigi U community (along with any other community on Miiverse), and lots of memes quickly ensued. (Full article: Memepocalypse 2016) This ended in the New Super Luigi U Community accidentally being locked, and him telling everyone to move to the Panama Club. After hours and hours of PF2M and Arian messing with official communities, at about 9:05 PM EST Nintendo finally shut down the /official_communities URL in the API, and going to it today results in a "404 Not Found" error, like many other things. The New Super Luigi U Community was restored a few days later, and almost all issues were resolved.

In early January 2017, PF2M and Arian collectively found an exploit that allowed them to get into certain verified users' accounts, including and Many verified users were spammed with Nico propaganda over the coming days, and everyone who didn't know who PF2M was questioned how this was happening, but right as PF2M was about to access the NintendoMarty account Nintendo pushed a quick patch to stop the unauthorized access from happening. Because of this patch, PF2M were back to square one once again.

In earlier January 2017, PF2M secretly logged onto a random stolen alt and anonymously posted a link to a Pastebin page containing the usernames and passwords to exactly 100 Nintendo Network IDs. These NNIDs were stolen by taking the usernames/passwords from a leak and mass-logging them into to find working logins. The post was swiftly deleted, and the page was quickly forgotten... that is, until January 21st when Zeast somehow found the page and immediately started spreading the link around like wildfire. His chatroom was later able to convince PF2M to release an extended version of the leak containing 400+ NNID credentials, and the NSLUC was put into shambles once more. Eventually the abuse of the logins and the regret of messing with hundreds of actual people got to him, and he deleted the Pastebin page and gave a full apology to those affected. He has become very controversial due to this incident, and promises not to do anything similar ever again.

Also in January 2017, PF2M figured out a method of finding the credentials to certain verified users' accounts (p0tayters, NinjaPigStudios, BarbieBobomb, vibrantdanni, etc.), and made many posts to the NSLUC using their identity. Many users questioned whether the verified users were real, and when they got banned most of their accounts were handed back to the original creators by Nintendo's support team in a couple of days.

Also also in January 2017, after the verified user hacking had passed, PF2M decided he'd put his efforts into a new Miiverse with less admins and more features, not unlike a previous forum project he worked on in 2014 not mentioned here. He mostly disappeared from Miiverse for a while to work on it, and came back after six months to deliver a "final product" which didn't even work properly before immediately taking it down due to bugs. Arian then started work on a new version of Openverse in Python, Closedverse, and it came out a month and a half after Openverse's closure, far better than its predecessor. PF2M worked on some of the frontend features for it and also made a script called "Commentbot" for Miiverse to comment on every new post made to a community. The script wasn't released and not much happened after that.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 8.56.11 AM

The final post PF2M made from Collin.TwoTribes.

In the weeks of Miiverse closing, PF2M performed one last Miiverse Custom Image Tool-esque raid, brought back an older tool called Web Mii allowing users to make hacked Miiverse posts from, and created a new script called Discordbot that reposted all the messages from a Discord channel to the NSLUC. Five hours before Miiverse's closure, PF2M made a Play Journal post to the New Super Luigi U community for fun, something that was proven to be possible before, and for some reason it disabled posting to the community by normal users causing Memepocalypse 2017 in the process. He hacked one more verified user (Collin.TwoTribes) before Miiverse's end, and then said his goodbyes on the last PF2M account. He plans to go into game development now that Miiverse is over. Can he manage to succeed in the ever-growing video game industry? Who can really say?

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 9.02.19 AM

And the last post PF2M ever made... godspeed, PokemonFan2000Man.


Here's a list of some of the things he developed/took part in making:

  • Miiverse Custom Image Tool
  • Yeahbot and the Yeah Bot Script
  • Public Mii
  • YouTube Community in-game posting
  • Activity Feed posting from PC
  • Miiverse+ (script that adds new features to Miiverse)
  • Followbot
  • Access to the Wii U/3DS versions of Miiverse from PC, leading to better image hacks and custom YouTube videos among many other things
  • Openverse (Miiverse recreation website, released in July of 2017 and then immediately taken down due to server issues)
  • Commentbot, a bot to comment on every post made to the NSLUC with a custom message (unreleased)
  • Closedverse (Arian's version of Openverse made in way less time and with way less bugs)

Backwards Notifications

One of PF2M's older hacks has the ability to reverse notifications. If someone yeahs a post using a certain account, the notification will show up backwards. This was first observed around the beginning of April 2016. When he returned to Miiverse temporarily in May, the backwards notifications continued. This is caused by a character called the 'right-to-left override', a special Unicode character that reads all text after it from right-to-left, in the Mii name. This method was made public on his YouTube channel.

‮‫‬‮҉Here is an example of text affected by the backwards text character.


  • He obsesses over a lot of things such as Love Live and Undertale, and is part of many other fandoms.
  • He's a weeb and a furry.
  • He was once really attracted to Splatoon's inkling race, and constantly made posts about how hot they were. At the start of 2017, he watched the anime Love Live!, and after seeing the females there he renounced his addiction to squids and moved to idols instead.
  • His Wii U gamepad broke once, and he had to get a new one.
  • He lives in Oregon, Ohio.
  • He is an Apple user, and uses an iPad and a school-provided MacBook often.
  • He used to do raids every Saturday night at 11:00 PM EST, though this schedule was thrown out the window when Zeast repeatedly ruined them.
  • His favorite member of μ's is Nico Yazawa, if you can't tell by now.
  • He owns the domain, and runs an informational website there.
  • You can find out about lot of this shit if you just read the damn article.

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