POR Madeira Club
Community Type Sub
Launch Date October 30th, 2013
Special Attributes Unknown
Community console Wii U
Game Genre Sports
Related Communities Wii Sports Club country clubs

This is the community for POR Madeira Club. Cheer on other members, boast about getting new records, and have fun building team spirit. Come on, POR Madeira Club!

The POR Madeira Club was one of the sub communities of the Wii Sports Club Community. It was widely known for its numerous wars. 


POR Madeira Club Dispute

POR Madeira Club Dispute
Date Started November 17th, 2015
Date Ended June 15th, 2016
Community POR Madeira Club
Notable Users Involved Aaron, Star Wolf, Freege, Eggmanland, DarkOwen
A community dispute between New Thracia and Star Wolf. Aaron used the community as his activity feed but Star Wolf claimed the community. Aaron chose to move to GER Thuringia Club. Freege then took control of the community. Freege intervenes and claims the community for their own.

The war goes on. Freege and Star Wolf are in the works of a treaty through Waluigi. Freege and Star Wolf are very happy with this agreement, and this would bring the peace that Kat wished on POR Madeira. Earlier that day, Star Wolf made a dashing surprise attack with good results, until an hour later, Freege came in mildly unprepared, and led its usual march and attack, until a stalemate occurs. There, Star Wolf asks what will make Freege stop. Waluigi, knowing the answer to that very well, replies that Freege attacks in response to whenever Star Wolf claims a community. Wolf being the honest man that he is mentions he did no such thing, but Waluigi points out that DarkOwen has been doing just that.

On December 2, DoD Riley and his clan claimed the community as theirs. Team Plasma soon joins the war and claims the community on December 25th. Freege reclaimed Madeira and brought the stakes higher by giving Horse a little support in Prince Edward Island, making Team Plasma battle on two communities. CountDooku made an agreement with Freege to give him Massachusetts Club in exchange for recognition of Freege owning Madeira. Two days later, however, Dooku gets banned.

The war continues on until February 5th, 2016 when Aaron requests a ceasefire to hold a conference in hopes to stopping the dispute between Aaron, DarkOwen, and Star Wolf. The ceasefire failed and the battle escalates with more of its community users getting banned. Aaron requested another peace conference but it didn't happen.

On February 21st, Aaron gets permabanned and DarkOwen claimed responsibility. Meanwhile, Darth Maul of Team Plasma attempts to reclaim the community, spreading his claim but MII King spams the community. The Doctor gets banned on February 27th, with activity starting to subside in the community. Many of the users left the community, but DarkOwen and a few others remain.

On April 17th, the SP Clan claims the community shortly before their leader got banned. Team Plasma declares neutrality on the community, and the Defenders of Darkness would help trying to keep the community neutral. On April 25th, Some users call for a union of all clans claiming this community to rule it. There has been a large nimber of bans, and the leaders of DoD, MFST, and DPR got banned as well.

On June 15th, Observer made a poll and the results show a majority vote on making the community a free community, where anyone can post. Though the activity decreased, Madeira remains disputed. Eventually after a few lengthy comment battles, Freege gains Madeira. Peace remains in Por Madeira for some time until Korito Ren of the First Order, under the assumption that Madeira is empty claims it for the First Order. Freege reclaims it within slightly less then a days time causing another dispute in Madeira once again.

Fezziadus makes brief appearances after the dispute.

First Order vs. Freege

First Order vs. Freege
Date Started January 13th, 2017
Date Ended February 24th, 2017
Community POR Madeira Club
Notable Users Involved Korito Ren, Freege
The First Order claims this community on January 13th, 2017, not knowing the community is claimed by Freege. On February 14th, Defenders of Darkness ally with Freege and help them spread their claims on the community. The war mysteriously ends on February 24th without much explanation. Freege still has this the community as the FO choose to try claiming various other Freege community's in guerilla war style.


The community was originally Aaron's activity feed until the dispute occured on the community. The community today remains part of the Freege claims. Since June 15th, 2016, Observer declared the community as a free community for anyone to post on, since many users opposed the dispute and wanted the community to be free to use.



  • Star Wolf
  • DarkOwen
  • Aaron/New Thracia
  • Eggmanland - allied with Aaron
  • Teddy (Eggmanland=Freege)
  • Team Plasma
  • Morimoto(Freege-Morimoto)
  • SP Clan
  • Miinion
  • Darth Maul
  • First Order

Major Users


  • This community had one of the longest disputes on the Wii Sports Club communities.