Page Making Guide

General Stuff

  1. Pages can be made to be serious or for humor.
  2. We're a humor wiki but hate/biased stuff about Miiverse users and IRL people is still not allowed.
  3. When editing or creating a page you can't add any words or images that violate Wikia's Terms of Use.
  4. Copypastas, copy/pasted Wikipedia pages etc are not allowed.
  5. Edit farming, aka making useless edits that add nothing, is a bad.
  6. Pages marked as stubs will be deleted if they haven't been expanded within 1 - 2 weeks.
  7. 9/11 pages still aren't allowed.
  8. If the page is extremely short, or just plain gibberish. It is not allowed.
  9. Humor pages must be around the size of a normal page but are allowed to be more humorous

Page formats

This isn't mandatory but it might save your page from being a stub or a big mess.

Read the stuff below to get an idea.

User page format

Basic description and infobox

Write a basic description about the user here, and then add an infobox if you want.

User history

Stuff about a user's past and present go here.

Add whatever here

Add whatever you feel like adding to your page here.

User Trivia

Small facts and info go here.

Miiverse Community page format

Basic description about the community

Write a basic description about the community here. Also add an infobox too.

History/Community activity/etc

Add the histroy of the community or the daily community activity here.

Community Trivia

Small facts and info go here.