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The Peter Pan meme usually appears in The Legend of Zelda Series Community, it was started by 8-Bit and Gabi. This meme is commonly used by trolls or Smashers to annoy the Zelda fans. The Smashers often used this meme in the Zelda community, were all the Zelda fans are, Smashers would post about how Peter Pan wasn't/was made by Nintendo, and would claim that Nintendo screwed up Peter Pan in every Zelda game.


  • "Nintendo created Peter Pan, not this LoZ stuff."
  • "Nintendo screwed up this Peter Pan game so freaking much!"
  • "Why is Tinker Bell so annoying in this game?"


The Peter Pan meme comes from the fact that alot of Link's design was based on Peter Pan. Zelda: Ocarina of Time also shares alot of traits with Peter Pan's story, the Kokiri being similar to the lost boys from Peter Pan (as both of them never age), and the Navi being somewhat similar to Tinker Bell. These comparisons all most likely helped give birth to the Peter Pan meme.


  • The Peter Pan meme is often used for trolling.
  • Over time most Zelda users have stopped falling for this bait.
  • This troll bait usually works on alot of the newer Zelda community users.
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