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NNID SuperMarioNESN64
Age 14
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Community Wii Fit U
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System(s) owned Wii U
Birthday Unknown
Alts PotatoTroll
  Ping (NNID: PotatoTroll) is a popular Miiverse user. He is well known for his drawings and humorous posts. His real account is Shaun (SuperMarioNESN64), where he posts stuff about "Pii U gaims".
Hawly bualls dis luks rly gud

ping's delicious cookies.


  • Ping has a sister named Pang. Ping claims that Pang is weird. Pang's NNID is "tomatoTROLL".
  • Ping's twin brother is Pong. Their hobby is playing Ping Pong with each other, hence their names.


  • "Ow my ______... o [sic] hai [sic]. I'm Ping."
  • "pootis"
  • "hot pockets"
  • "Is Johnny Bravo in this game?"
  • "Hatty looks like Mr. Clean"