"Please Understand" is a popular meme that originated from a Nintendo Direct. The phrase was first used by late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata in a Nintendo Direct. Iwata used the phrase to emphasise how the fans need to be patient for upcoming games. The phrase was quickly paroidied by users on Miiverse making fun of the phrase by putting a comedic sentence in front of the phrase such as Miiverse will shut down, please understand.

The meme is still used on Miiverse but was most popular in 2013. It was a popular meme outside of Miiverse as well.

In 2015, users used the meme less often and it slowly started to fade, as they wanted to honor Iwata after his death.

Please understand

Please Understand


  • Operation Westbound needs support, please understand.
  • Operation Westbound will never work, please understand.
  • Geno will never be in smash, please understand.
  • Ridley is too big, please understand.
  • Someone else is using the bathrom, please understand.
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