Pootis Spencer Here

Pootis is a fairly popular meme on Miiverse. It was created in 2008, after the popular and long-awaited FPS game Team Fortress 2 came out. It was bound to spread onto Miiverse. It was brought by Frosty and Suika and later revived by Sheepy. Now the meme is rare on most social media sites, including Miiverse.


  • This meme originated from the aforementioned first-person-shooter game, where one of the Heavy class' phrases says "Put dispenser here!".
    • However, the first part of the phrase, Put dispenser can sound a bit like "Pootis Spencer."
  • Currently, commenting "pootis" on Miiverse will get it deleted by the admins.
  • This is LMR's Pootis emoticon.
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