Game Series Rayman
Date Debuted in September 1st, 1995
First Appearence Rayman
Latest Appearence Rayman Adventures
Owned by Ubisoft

Rayman is the main character of the franchise of the same name, which a platforming series created by Michel Ancel and his team over at Ubisoft. He is a limbless, humanlike creature. He has appeared in several video games since his debut in 1995, and even a spin-off franchise, known as the Raving Rabbids. Rayman's games have sold more than 20 million copies worldwide, and he is one of the most beloved and recognizable platforming mascots to this day.On Miiverse, he became known due to the Rayman games on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, and due to being in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as a trophy. Some people want him to be added as a playable character.

Miiverse and Smash Bros.

Along with Snake and Pac-Man, Rayman was probably one of the most requested third party characters on Miiverse.

One day, he was revealed as a trophy in one of the Pic of the Day Screenshots. Many people joked that Rayman appeared to be under the influence of drugs in his trophy. However, the trophy was changed later for the final game. A trophy of Rayman's friends, Globox and Barbara, were also included into the game.

The Rayman Leak of 2015

Fake af

On February 13th, images surfaced on 4chan depicting a very convincing Rayman render on the roster, character select screen, and unlock screen. Many believed this to be fake until the next day, when a YouTube user named "Saint Valentine" posted a 20 second video of Rayman being selected on the character select screen (which also had Mewtwo on it). The flames in the background seemed impossible to replicate, although there were some kinks, and on this day everyone changed their mind about the leak's legitimacy. The next day, Ubisoft said they'd look into this leak and make a public announcement about it on Tuesday. An hour later, a YouTube user by the name of Artsy Omni  uploaded a video showing how he faked the entire leak. This made tons of Rayman fans salty, saying that the fake leaker deserves to die in several horrible ways.