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NNID RighanRedU


Age 16
Joined Unknown
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 2
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday 9/12
Alts Unknown
RighanRed, pronounced RIE-an Red, was a Miiverse user and is the official Sandler of SmashyClub, where he now resides.

Great Dred War

RighanRed played a promonent role in the Great Dred War, where he lead the New Dred Army.

Red Side

He formed The Red Side with former Miivere user Zero Zone to counter The Dark Side, an "evil" gang set on taking over Miiverse. They lead a small militia to wipe out much of the Dark's fleet. They colonized Youtube. The Dark Side fled from the city. Zero Zone didn't make it out alive. Righan was voted leader of the Red Side. Righan stayed leader of the Red side and lead his forces to the Dark Side's base in the Soloman's Key Comunity. He was then banned by the Dark Side's forces and created a New Account.

Alternate account and late GDW

After creating a new account, RighanRedtoo, he went on the lead the Red Side to victory. After the war ended he made peace with the remaining Dark Side members and everyone went their separate ways.

The New Dred Army

Righan formed The New Dred Army out of the small amount of users that remained of the Red side. The NDA lead efforts to destroy the Fake Army, The League of Mini Mods and other dumb Red Side copies like the Blue Side and the Orange Side. He gained allies in the SmashyClub, Mr. Up etc. Righan then resigned and left the New Dred Army to Dr. James, who renamed it, The Supreme Dred Army.

Retirement and how to contact RighanRed

On Febuary 18th 2016 RighanRed officially retired from Miiverse by giving his one remaining account, RighanRedfree to his sister.

If you really want to you can contact him by talking with his sister who will relay any message you would have to him.